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John Muscedere

CEO, Canadian Frailty Network; Critical care physician, Kingston General Hospital; expert advisor,

John Muscedere is an advisor with, a critical care physician and the Scientific Director for the Technology Evaluation in the Elderly Network, which is a non-for profit network funded by the National Centers on Excellence (NCE).
Here's The Reason You Should Get Your Flu Nenov via Getty Images

Here's The Reason You Should Get Your Flu Shot

Seniors are the most significantly affected. In Canada, seniors represent 15 per cent of our population, yet account for up to 40 per cent of all influenza infections, the majority of all hospitalizations and deaths from influenza. Why? Because seniors are more likely to be frail and have chronic medical conditions that put them at high risk for influenza and its complications.
12/14/2016 06:46 EST
Why Doctors Must Change How They Medicate Jupiterimages via Getty Images

Why Doctors Must Change How They Medicate Patients

Using non-beneficial medications or failing to offer comfort medications to chronically ill patients is potentially harmful, time-consuming and simply bad medical care. Unnecessary or unwarranted medical interventions, including medications, are also costly to the healthcare system. It's time to embrace new ways of thinking.
01/05/2016 05:50 EST