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John Smiley

Blogger, Senior Tax Consultant, Man About Town

John is a lifetime Albertan, sometimes blogger, intermittent gym-goer, and likes that some think him to be a "man about town". He was the writer behind the MrYYC blog and still tries to remain up-to-date on all of the myriad things to do in and around the city. By day, John is employed in the property tax appeal business with AEC Property Tax Services.
Clearing Up Some of Carra's Misperceptions on Calgary

Clearing Up Some of Carra's Misperceptions on Calgary Taxation

It is true that those in this industry--very few of us being lawyers--earn our living from this process, but it is unfair to state that we are the chief beneficiaries. That is like suggesting that City Councillors are the chief beneficiary of there being a City Council, since that is a key source of their income. A fair and equitable system of taxation benefits all citizens.
10/09/2013 02:45 EDT