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Jon Packer

Founder, Idea Workshop

Since founding Idea Workshop more than a decade ago, Jon has helped some of Canada’s most prominent architects, developers, interior designers and design-led brands enhance their image and reputation through comprehensive, award-winning public outreach campaigns.

Driven by the core belief that creativity in design improves our lives and our world, Jon and the Idea Workshop team create and implement communications and marketing initiatives for clients across North America and Europe.

Jon works closely with the real estate and design community and is regular guest speaker at conferences, as well as a frequent judge in design and marketing industry competitions.

Jon, a graduate of the Ravensbourne School of Design and Communications in London, England, is also a long time member of the Board of Directors at Toronto’s Gardiner Museum.

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What BlackBerry Could Learn From the VW

What BlackBerry Could Learn From the VW Camper

Smartphone maker BlackBerry is on the ropes and we all know it. Amid the financial turmoil of this once Canadian icon, there was news that the humble VW Camper, itself an iconic brand, is set to be retired at the end of this year.
09/30/2013 05:41 EDT
7 Design Innovations that are Transforming Your Bike

7 Design Innovations that are Transforming Your Bike Commute

With the recent launch of Citibike, the world's largest bicycle share program in New York City, cycling as a viable option for city commuting is literally gaining traction. A means of transport around long before the automobile, the bicycle has been in and out of vogue since its 19th century invention as a human-propelled alternative to the horse. This time, however, the attention seems different.
06/26/2013 08:14 EDT
Unplug and Listen to the Sounds of Your

Unplug and Listen to the Sounds of Your City

Different cities have remarkable different sounds that can help tell the story of their place. So let's all take a deep breath and be reminded that the sounds around us are as much a part of our cityscape as the green space and architectural wonders.
05/08/2013 05:35 EDT
How Walkable Is Your

How Walkable Is Your City?

Two recent reports rate Vancouver as Canada's most walkable city among a ranking of the world's top ten that also included Florence, Paris and Dubrovnik, Croatia. All great cities, but what is the definition of walkable and how does it contribute to the city experience?
02/20/2013 12:36 EST
These Brands Offer the Best Retail

These Brands Offer the Best Retail Experience

Retailers in Canada and the U.S. eked out modest gains this season in part because shoppers are bored. To reignite retail in this country, we need a product design revolution. Take a quick look at who's winning in retail and it becomes clear that product design and the retail environment play a very big part.
01/17/2013 12:03 EST
What Does the Future of Toronto's Skyline Look

What Does the Future of Toronto's Skyline Look Like?

Twenty-five years ago, Toronto was described as "the city that works." Few people believe that today. Toronto is lucky enough to be grappling with growth that out-paces almost every other city on the continent. The conversation should focus on what this future looks like and what kind of buildings we want to make up our communities.
12/06/2012 05:19 EST
Why Brad Pitt's New Furniture Design Actually

Why Brad Pitt's New Furniture Design Actually Matters

Don't get me wrong. While I enjoyed <em>A River Runs Through It</em> and <em>Moneyball</em>, I am no great fan of Brad Pitt. Somehow the good looks and star power get in the way of his craft. However, as the Hollywood A-lister prepares to launch a collection of furniture Tuesday designed in partnership with designer and craftsman, Frank Pollaro, it might be time to revisit this position.
11/13/2012 07:53 EST