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Jonathan Bunce (Jonny Dovercourt)

Co-founder and Artistic Director for the influential non-profit independent music organization and concert series, Wavelength Music.

Jonathan Bunce (a.k.a. Jonny Dovercourt) has been participating in the independent music community in Toronto – as a musician, writer, editor, presenter, organizer and advocate – since the early 1990s. As guitarist, bassist or vocalist, Bunce has been a member of more than a dozen bands, including Republic of Safety, Secret Agent, Kid Sniper, A Tuesday Weld, and currently, Several Futures. Having worked as Listings Editor at Toronto’s Eye Weekly, in 1999 Bunce combined his experience in both the music scene and journalism to help co-found Wavelength Music. Launched in 2000, Wavelength is universally hailed as helping revitalize the Toronto independent music scene through its ongoing festivals, concert series, talks, zine, blog, and artist incubator program. Bunce is currently Wavelength Music’s full-time Artistic Director, and spearheaded the launch of the Camp Wavelength festival on Toronto Island in 2015, the success which contributed to Wavelength’s nomination as one of Torontoist’s “Heroes” of the year. Jonny previously acted as Artistic Director of The Music Gallery, a long-running Toronto concert space, and Operations & Development Manager at the Images Festival of experimental film and video. He has also co-edited two volumes of Coach House Books’ acclaimed uTOpia anthology, and is a regular contributor to Musicworks Magazine.
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