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Jonathan Crombie

Vice-President, Policy of the Young Liberals of Canada.

Jonathan is Vice-President, Policy of the Young Liberals of Canada and is a regular political panelist on CTV News Channel. He was a youth chair for Premier Kathleen Wynne’s Ontario Liberal leadership campaign, and subsequently interned in her office. He also worked at Narrative PR, a division of iconic Toronto advertising agency Bensimon Byrne. Crombie has worked for progressive candidates at all three levels of government throughout Canada. He is a student at Trinity College, University of Toronto.

There's No Room for Homophobia at Queen's Park

A cabinet minister who said something racist or homophobic would almost certainly be fired. The same should hold true for a shadow cabinet member. If the Conservatives at Queen's Park are serious about being a queer-friendly party, symbolism and slacktivism will not cut it. They should discipline MPP Monte McNaughton for his repeated homophobia, and for breaking caucus policy, which is ostensibly in favour of the new sex-ed curriculum. It is important to note that McNaughton is no backbencher; he has the critic portfolio of international trade. He should be striped of his critic portfolio.
05/06/2015 07:38 EDT

Canadian Governments Have Failed to Slay the Real Deficit We Face

Thanks to former Prime Minister Paul Martin, I think we've all been conditioned to think that balanced budgets are very good things. But not all deficits are bad. It is prudent or even smart to slash and scrap into a surplus like Stephen Harper has done. Especially considering that Canada's infrastructure deficit is estimated at nearly $400 billion -- and growing.
04/23/2015 05:37 EDT

Let Men With Same Sex Lovers Donate Blood

Over a year ago, Canada lifted a 30-year-old prohibition on gay men donating blood. However, Canada Blood Services still includes a ban on blood donations from any man who has had sex with another man in the past five years. That is why the Young Liberals of Canada want a policy that is based on evidence, because no single, loosely defined group should be discriminated against based on generalized statistics, perceptions or prejudices. A blanket ban on sexually active MSM is not merely discriminatory; it's unsafe.
09/30/2014 09:07 EDT