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Jonathan Game

Program Director, Green Living Enterprise

Jonathan Game's passion for the environment started a young age. As member of the Bruce Trail Association he was privy to the natural beauty that Ontario has to offer. In 2005 Jonathan was living in South Africa where he volunteered with National Parks Service in the western cape. Since then he has degrees from Concordia University and McGill University in Environmental Studies and Public Relations respectively. Jonathan wants to make a difference. Taking his passion and education in hand he joined the Green Living Enterprise, in Toronto as a program director.
The Challenges of Finding a Green Getty Images

The Challenges of Finding a Green Job

When people hear "green jobs," they think of scientists or environmental organizations. In reality, the green job market has expanded throughout every sector, opening up a wealth of opportunities. In fact, 56 per cent of Canadian teens are interested in careers related to the environment but, just like me a few years ago, they don't know their range of options. That's why I'm excited about the Green Jobs Forum, coming up September 17.
09/11/2012 07:43 EDT