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Jonathan Scott

Communications consultant

Jonathan Scott is a communications consultant, freelance writer and political strategist. <br> <br> He worked as a public relations consultant at Key Gordon Communications Inc in Toronto and as a speechwriter for Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne. He has managed campaigns and done communications for progressive candidates across Canada at all three levels of government, and in the United Kingdom. <br> <br> Jonathan is a regular political commentator on CTV News Channel, and his writing on politics, marketing, education, religion and current affairs have appeared in The Globe and Mail, The National Post, The Toronto Star, Monocle,,, The Huffington Post Canada, The Bradford Times, The Presbyterian Record, Education Canada and Education Today. <br> <br> You can follow him on Twitter at @J_Scott_.
Brexit Debate Lays Bare U.K's National Fault

Brexit Debate Lays Bare U.K's National Fault Lines

Below the surface of the proposed British exit from the European Union is a sense of great consternation in the smaller countries that make up the United Kingdom. Having lived, studied and worked throughout the U.K. for the past two years, the divisions within the country are striking and broader than most North Americans realize.
06/15/2016 04:55 EDT
America's Two-Party System Is

America's Two-Party System Is Strange

The "big tent" factor of both American parties and the constraints of the "winner-take-all" presidency makes for some particularly strange bedfellows. But is the two-party system under attack this election cycle? It certainly seems so -- and it could well be to Secretary Hillary Clinton's advantage.
03/22/2016 10:01 EDT
Building A Ship To Catch The Liberal Wave On

Building A Ship To Catch The Liberal Wave On Campuses

We decided early on that, while we would of course ensure we had messaging towards youth across the country, and support young campaigners in constituencies nationwide, our focus had to be tailored to where we could be most effective. We decided to focus our efforts organizing constituencies with campuses.
03/07/2016 02:52 EST
Some Friendly And Free Advice For The

Some Friendly And Free Advice For The NDP

The NDP has consistently found itself burnt by attempts to move the Party's policy to the centre. The overall impression is one of placing political calculus ahead of principled policy, and for a Party once known as the "conscience of Parliament," that appearance must be very troubling.
10/27/2015 08:35 EDT
Why the Liberals Should Be Campaigning on a Cure for

Why the Liberals Should Be Campaigning on a Cure for Healthcare

The Liberal platform is a grab bag of fine, progressive ideas. I like it. The deficit financing pledge, designed to stimulate a sluggish (if not recessionary) economy, is smart fiscal policy. But Justin Trudeau's attempts to make income inequality the cause célèbre have seemingly fallen flat, perhaps for the simple reason that Canada isn't the United States: we don't have what Bernie Sanders calls "the billionaire class," or at least we don't have as obvious and obnoxious a class. And, to put it mildly, Chyrstia Freeland is no Elizabeth Warren. But it's the lack of any clear policy from any party on healthcare that truly perplexes me. Why is the Liberal Party not aggressively campaigning on a cure for healthcare?
09/01/2015 12:28 EDT
Forcing Women to Remove Their Niqabs Is Just Another Kind of

Forcing Women to Remove Their Niqabs Is Just Another Kind of Oppression

Perhaps there is an element to which the Conservatives truly believe they are fighting a cultural and religious practice that they find repugnant. Even still, that seems far beyond the point, as has been stated many times by various commentators: a conservative man forcing a woman not to wear a niqab is effectively the same violation of her liberty as a conservative man forcing her to wear the niqab. What could be more Canadian than including someone's harmless religious practices in a citizenship ceremony, or really any other facet of public life?
03/12/2015 12:56 EDT
Why I Stand By Premier Wynne Despite the Sudbury By-Election

Why I Stand By Premier Wynne Despite the Sudbury By-Election Allegations

Do I wish this scenario hadn't happened? Yes. Do I feel the Opposition is making hypocritical hay out of a situation they've done many times themselves? Yes. Does it bother me that the Premier is under fire? Yes. But I also respect her defiance, her honesty and her insistence that she tackle the issue head on, herself, clearly and in public. She's taking responsibility and sticking to her guns. I'd expect no less.
02/24/2015 12:29 EST
How Kathleen Wynne Will

How Kathleen Wynne Will Win

Wynne, the Liberal lioness of caucus, got into politics to fight Mike Harris and protect schools. She's ready to beat this Conservative Leader of the Opposition too. But first, her priority is to do the peoples' business at Queen's Park without delay. She's ready to govern the province.
01/16/2013 05:15 EST
The Liberal Leadership Race: May the Best Woman

The Liberal Leadership Race: May the Best Woman Win

The Liberal Party is split on who is best positioned to win -- but we seem to agree on one thing: it's gonna be a girl. This isn't some instance of affirmative action. From every conversation I've heard, Liberal partisans want the most qualified person to be Premier. It's just that most Liberals believe the best person is either Sandra Pupatello, the front runner, or Kathleen Wynne, her clearest rival.
12/31/2012 04:58 EST
Who I'm Supporting in the Ontario Liberal Leadership

Who I'm Supporting in the Ontario Liberal Leadership Race

I always knew I'd be supporting Kathleen Wynne for Ontario Liberal leader. But a Conservative proved my choice right before she'd even launched her leadership bid. I'm supporting Kathleen Wynne because of her character and her progressive principles. I'm also supporting her because I know she can win a general election.
12/10/2012 04:00 EST
Trudeau is a Leader I

Trudeau is a Leader I Trust

I liked what Justin Trudeau had to say at my campus this week. He found a way to make a pitch for his Liberal-leadership candidacy, in between very direct and open answers to the audience's questions. Youth need to be engaged in politics in a way like never before. And the issues we care about are what animate his campaign for Liberal leader.
11/14/2012 05:14 EST
Hey CFS: Stop Misrepresenting McGuinty's

Hey CFS: Stop Misrepresenting McGuinty's Promises

To claim the Ontario Liberal government has broken its election promise to students is to not tell the truth. At least the Canadian Federation of Students is done with intimidating, profane protests; now they're just spreading misinformation, and once again students -- the ones they're meant to represent -- are losing.
02/05/2012 11:44 EST
Tuition Protests Turned a Debate Into a

Tuition Protests Turned a Debate Into a Screamfest

At this week's protests against McGuinty's tuition policies, there were groups of activists bullying protestors, shouting obscenities, and acting like radical leftists. For the Canadian Federation of Students to align itself with violent and extreme individuals demeans its work and limits its efficacy.
02/04/2012 10:02 EST
Stop Throwing Tantrums Over

Stop Throwing Tantrums Over Tuitions

Rather than celebrating the largest reduction in tuition in a generation, the Canadian Federation of Students' plans to tear into Ontario Premier McGuinty because his tuition reduction excludes graduate and international students -- cohorts he never pledged to support.
01/31/2012 12:32 EST