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Jordan Bateman

British Columbia Director, Canadian Taxpayers Federation

Jordan Bateman is the British Columbia Director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, after working as a journalist, small business owner, and Township of Langley councillor. Having ghostwritten and edited more than 125 books for other people, he is now working on his own.
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B.C. Taxpayers Pay Millions in Carbon Corporate Welfare--Again

The B.C. government's Pacific Carbon Trust has become frighteningly adept at taking taxpayers' money--$14 million last year--and transferring it to big businesses. It's time for the provincial government to scrap the Trust, and end corporate welfare disguised as environmentalism. The numbers prove that transferring tax dollars to companies through the illusion of carbon neutrality is a massive failure.
07/31/2012 12:10 EDT

B.C. Politicians Need To Show Us Their Money

B.C.'s 85 MLAs have put off any effort to become transparent with their expenses. Now that procrastination is coming back to cost them -- B.C. Auditor General John Doyle recently released a scathing 17-page report on Legislative Assembly spending, showing that the Legislative Assembly's books were a hopeless mess and casting doubts that MLAs are spending our money wisely.
07/31/2012 05:07 EDT

Why Can't I Know Where My Taxes Are Going in Victoria?

Why aren't our MLAs comfortable releasing their expense reports? Why not follow the example set by Toronto City Hall where councillors publish every receipt online? Are B.C.'s MPs and MLAs hiding something from the taxpayer? MPs and senators and Ottawa have been violating their own documentation and contracting rules, is the same thing happening here in Victoria?
06/18/2012 05:43 EDT

Municipal Golf Courses Have Taxpayers Tee'd-Off

Golf revenues are slowly on the decline across Canada. Some B.C. leaders have missed the simplest way of fixing this problem: getting taxpayers out of the golf game all together. It's one thing for taxes to go to essentials like water, sewer or public safety, it's another thing to know you're subsidizing luxuries like municipal golf courses. If you can find a service listed on, government shouldn't be providing it.
06/06/2012 05:13 EDT

Axe the Tax on Tax in B.C...For Real This Time

Once upon a time, Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Conservatives understood Canadians' concerns on gas tax. They said it was "time to axe the tax on the tax." Of course, the prime minister was in opposition then, but the idea must be implemented today in B.C. if we want to see lower gas prices.
05/25/2012 12:13 EDT

The Dirty Secret About MP Pensions

Earlier this year, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) released a report showing that taxpayers put in $23.30 for every one dollar parliamentarians contribute to their pension plans. Politicians are reluctant to step away from the machine multiplying their money. Here are some dirty little secrets about those pensions.
04/30/2012 12:12 EDT

It's not Like You Get Better Service

Is the lifeguard at the municipal pool really worth twice the pay of the lifeguard at the nearby privately-owned waterslides? The vast majority of B.C. taxpayers say no. Yet, we see this inequality constantly play out throughout the government. Why are taxpayers overpaying for government labour?
04/12/2012 06:16 EDT

Time to Stop Vancouver Police Turf Wars (and Save Money)

As regional mayors and the B.C. government consider giving TransLink more access to our tax dollars, they should cut funding to the Transit Police. If someone gets mugged on SkyTrain, the Transit Police either waste a bunch of time arguing with the local police over who gets to investigate, or the local police just won't show up at all.
03/14/2012 05:23 EDT
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Politicians Pass the Buck with B.C. Debt

Debt can be turned around, and one need only look to former Alberta premier Ralph Klein to see how. The government needs to restructure itself, ensuring it is lean and efficient, and only does the things that governments should be doing -- no frills, please.
03/02/2012 05:05 EST

B.C. Government is Nickel and Dime-ing Taxpayers

Recently a public and media criticism swirled around the B.C. government's Employment Recognition Cupboard, finance minister Kevin Falcon said it was a tiny percentage of the province's budget. A culture is created when little things are allowed to slide. A million dollars of waste becomes two, then 10, 50, and more.
02/15/2012 03:29 EST

Show Us the Money, Christy!

Every election cycle, in every campaign from school board to prime minister, two sets of vows are made: incumbent politicians promise to continue listening to the public, while their opponents promise to change government by throwing open its doors. The B.C. Liberal leadership race was no different, with candidate Christy Clark leading the charge for change.
01/24/2012 04:52 EST
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B.C. Carbon Tax Should Go Up in Smoke

Drivers already pay for transit at the gas pump. Asking them to pay even more is wrong and will damage the long-term economy of B.C., as the vast majority of our goods and services are transported by fuel-powered vehicles. Adding cost to those items hurts both business and consumers.
01/13/2012 04:22 EST

B.C.: Net Zero Only Way to Hold the Line

Net zero would be a powerful model to bring to the municipal bargaining table. Unfortunately, with our current city hall dynamic, it's going to take serious political will and taxpayer support. Failure to do so will mean even more property tax dollars pulled from your pocket in 2012 and beyond.
12/31/2011 12:07 EST

New BC Ferries Boss Has Big Ship To Turn

This is the mess the new CEO has inherited from his old boss: slumping ridership, a bloated debt, and a public that looks at BC Ferries' operating philosophy with disdain. Ferries are a vital necessity in BC. Many of our communities are completely dependent on having a well-run ferry system.
12/09/2011 09:10 EST

BC's Government Must Tighten its Belt or Face Electoral Oblivion

B.C. Finance Minister Kevin Falcon, like a cliché movie hero, is slowly sinking into quicksand. He recently told British Columbians that economic growth has slowed, Crown Corporation revenues are down and the provincial deficit is exploding. The true culprit -- runaway spending -- has yet to be addressed.
12/03/2011 12:08 EST

B.C. Voters Can Send City Hall a Message: Less Taxes, Control Spending

Municipal elections are notable for their small turnout. In many communities across B.C., a few votes can make a big difference, which is why people concerned about high taxes and bloated spending need to vote to change the culture of their council -- and then hold their new leaders accountable for their decisions.
11/18/2011 12:17 EST

BC Hydro Enriches Itself While Stiffing Customers

It's been a tough year for BC Hydro, but the Crown Corporation is lost in an electrical storm of its own making. Scathing reports, rate hikes, smart meters, layoffs and a CEO resignation have left the company reeling. Now it's time to realign BC Hydro's 'gold standard' with what ratepayers want: good value and low rates.
11/07/2011 09:35 EST