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Jordan Cieciwa

Health and Fitness Expert - Workplace Wellness Specialist

People forgot how to have fun. My mission is to make this Nation healthier One Fit City at a time. Add a little fun to functional training, and introduce regular people to sport specific training and we have a recipe for success. Done smart, and over time, we can turn this nation into aspiring athletes(or at least healthier arm chair quarterbacks). A degree in Kinesology and Applied Health and work with everything from Couch Potatoes Pro Athletes over the past decade is my key to battling Obesity and Inactivity.
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Things to Consider When Buying a New Suit

vThis isn't as simple as colour, and then out the door. Nothing ever is in the fashion world. Boys, we have a tendency to rush over the finer details. That leaves us with a look that is less than ideal. So why not plan to take a few minutes, get fit properly, and then make a first impression like no one else?
11/25/2014 04:09 EST
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Out of the Box Gift Ideas To Encourage Healthy Living

The iWatch isn't out yet. I am sure that more than most people would be happy to wake up to an IOU for Apple's new iWatch -- this thing is going to revolutionize health. Not just high performance, but healthy living, and ensuring people lead as healthy a life as possible. This to me is going to be the ultimate in health. But what do I know, I just lift weights for a living.
11/17/2014 05:32 EST
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How to Stay Healthy During Eggnog Season

I've never said it's bad to indulge during this time of year, I simply say that if you don't want to gain the typical holiday season weight it's best to leave the treats alone. Let's be honest though, we all look forward to everything food-related this time of year. We put way to much emphasis on weight in our society. It's not about your weight, or how you look -- we need to be healthy.
11/12/2014 12:48 EST
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How This Country Boy Learned to Take Style Seriously

I was born and raised in Kleefeld, Manitoba. I rode dirt bikes, shot guns, and my first paycheques came from cleaning out chicken and hog barns. I've never been a fashion guy. Now my career has evolved to keynote speaker, wellness consultant, and health writer. My newest skill sets include making a killer cup of coffee, and schmoozing. I need to add to that, fashionable.
11/10/2014 05:37 EST

If You Want to Get Healthy, Start With the Fundamentals

Fundamentals are strangely something in this world that we glaze over. The basics, the building blocks, the ground work that will create a project or building that is unshakable. Yet, we put very little time and effort into mastering those fundamentals. We need to build a workforce that is supported in these five fundamentals.
10/24/2014 10:56 EDT
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How Workplaces Can Incentivize Activity

Here are four initiatives from my One Fit City program to recharge the workplace. The workplace Instagram/Twitter fitness challenge -- monthly giveaways at work for the best social media posts about being active. Not just the gym, and not just the high intensity stuff.
10/22/2014 05:18 EDT

Are You Guilty of This All-Inclusive Vacation Habit?

I see people do this really unhealthy thing, especially young people: They book an all inclusive vacation, diet for six weeks unhealthy, workout at a short bootcamp, then head off to a sunny beach to take a few selfies on the first day and put all the weight and then some back with buffets and breakfast margarita.
10/06/2014 05:23 EDT
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Don't Like to Workout? Three Shortcuts to Keep You Healthy

The work to get "sexy" is way more than what you need to do to be healthy. That's the problem. Our media and our massive gyms seem to be working in cahoots to get your money. If you don't like to workout, don't. If you like to be alive and stay out of the hospital, you just have to do a few small things.
10/02/2014 12:31 EDT
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Get to Know Your Food Better

There are far too many people, who are so far removed from what they eat that they don't understand what they are doing to their bodies. Our farming practices have become big business, and the little farms need to come back to the spotlight. It's not all doom and gloom, but we need a few tweaks on some things. Here are my big thoughts.
09/25/2014 09:00 EDT

How To Be Healthy in the Workplace

Let's talk wellness, your work day, and the fact that people are dying of heart attacks really young. Just a question, but how do you start your day? Alarm clock goes off, you hit snooze, no exciteme...
09/24/2014 11:52 EDT
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The Way Most Workplaces Encourage Exercise Is Wrong

Start creating cultures and communities in your workplace that support active living. Doesn't need to be the gym life, it needs to be simple happy movement. Sneak it in, offer programs and ideas that are activity based. Have fun, bring in some puppies or food-based days that people don't even realize is healthy.
09/19/2014 01:06 EDT

Don't Work Out to Look Sexy

Healthy living conversations need a make over. Our vision is skewed and our motives lack staying power. Our goals are set by wanting to be sexy, not by wanting to be healthy. Depriving yourself to look a certain way won't make you healthy.
09/17/2014 08:02 EDT

How To Get Back To Nature and Live an Adventure

We have a major disconnect. It's human's from nature. I strongly believe that it's that disconnect that is causing us to be inactive and to eat unhealthy. We no longer have to be physical to survive,...
09/11/2014 05:18 EDT