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Jordan Cieciwa

Health and Fitness Expert - Workplace Wellness Specialist

People forgot how to have fun. My mission is to make this Nation healthier One Fit City at a time. Add a little fun to functional training, and introduce regular people to sport specific training and we have a recipe for success. Done smart, and over time, we can turn this nation into aspiring athletes(or at least healthier arm chair quarterbacks). A degree in Kinesology and Applied Health and work with everything from Couch Potatoes Pro Athletes over the past decade is my key to battling Obesity and Inactivity.
Simple Ways to Live a Healthier Getty Images

Simple Ways to Live a Healthier Life

Weight loss. It has been made out to be some kind of strange math equation mixed with will power no one has, and a little genetic luck. So let's demystify it. It's all about maintaining a diet, exercising, sleeping and drinking water. This is what you need to do if you want to live that healthy life.
01/07/2014 12:25 EST
Working Your New Year's Weight Goals, Month By Getty Images

Working Your New Year's Weight Goals, Month By Month

I have watched a lot of people fail at New Year's resolutions for the past decade. I even made some great money off of the January first commitments. Here is what I want everyone to prepare for month by month. This is generally how it goes for those I have seen lose 50-150lbs.
01/02/2014 05:17 EST
The Worst Thing For Your Weight Loss Goal Is Getty Images

The Worst Thing For Your Weight Loss Goal Is January

The worst thing for commitment in health is January. If the words "I want to lose weight" came out of your mouth in the past, let's talk about how to get the results you said you wanted. It's simple, really: Take a long term approach, and have a lot of fun watching your body change.
12/27/2013 12:22 EST
Why Staying in Bed Longer is Good For Tom Le Goff via Getty Images

Why Staying in Bed Longer is Good For You

Find ways to just be in a state where you don't think about anything other than how great it is to be alive. Take deep breaths with no where else you need to be, but right there in the moment. Don't check Facebook to see how great your friends life is, they're lying. Don't tweet about how perfect your moment is, it's yours and you don't need to share it.
12/20/2013 08:25 EST
It's Time to Inspire With

It's Time to Inspire With Sport

You will see me talking a lot more about different sports and their competitors. What makes champions, and what you can take away from that. The amount of sports fans out there is staggering, it's time to use the social media to show off what their heroes do, and encourage fans to try the training side of it. It's time to inspire with sport.
12/15/2013 08:07 EST
Starting Right Now, Change the Way You Treat Your Getty Images

Starting Right Now, Change the Way You Treat Your Body

Work with a personal trainer, tell them what you want to accomplish, then make the time meaningful and fun. Doing this will mean you will probably have the joy of making a different New Year Resolution next year. For this upcoming year, and starting right now, do the following.
12/02/2013 05:35 EST
Health and Fitness is Not About Kaveh Kazemi via Getty Images

Health and Fitness is Not About Looks

If you take only one thing away from this blog, let it be this. Health and fitness is not about looks, it can not ever be. Vanity only takes you so far. It has to be about enjoying everything the world has to offer. It is about having the energy and drive to get up and explore. There is nothing that replaces a memory created.
11/29/2013 12:21 EST
Convincing the Kids of Today to Stay Healthy for Alamy

Convincing the Kids of Today to Stay Healthy for Tomorrow

What do we do with this new generation? How do we inspire the desire for health when there is no need for physicality past high school? How do you convince someone they need to be energetic and healthy for life when their life and work requires next to zero physical effort?
11/23/2013 07:43 EST
Did You Keep Your Fitness Goals This Getty

Did You Keep Your Fitness Goals This Year?

Did your New Year's Resolution last year involve fitness, weight loss, or getting your health back on track? Did you do it? It gets a lot of laughs, as people suddenly remember midnight December 31, then the gym membership they bought January 2, and empty promises.
11/12/2013 05:43 EST
How I'm Living My Life With No Getty

How I'm Living My Life With No Regrets

With anything negative in life you have to find the positive. For me, the positive from being in a hospital and being sick as a child was finding the value of health. Not only health, but using that health to make memories. The inside of a hospital is not fun. I want to live a life with #NoRegrets.
11/08/2013 12:38 EST
Why I Laugh When People Tell Me to Avoid Shutterstock

Why I Laugh When People Tell Me to Avoid 'Carbs'

Let's talk vegetables. We are all adults here, so we know they are good for us. The best way to get them is raw. So why as adults looking to be healthy do we cook, steam, boil, whatever our vegetables and then add cream sauce, cheese sauce or honey glaze to them? Now, I'm not saying as a treat every once in a while you can't add to your cooked carrots, or asparagus.
11/02/2013 01:11 EDT
My Story of Fat Shaming and Being Getty

My Story of Fat Shaming and Being Bullied

My original plan for this article was to talk about fat shaming. I was going to do it based on the viral photo of Maria Kang. Fortunately for me and my writing career, I got publicly made fun of and had my integrity questioned. All thanks to one tweet, from someone I don't know, here we are. Instead of fighting, I decided on a different approach. Here's a unique perspective on fat shaming and bullying... mine.
10/22/2013 05:56 EDT
Strutting Through Your Workout Getty

Strutting Through Your Workout Rut

Try a bunch of new things that test your limits safely. Don't jump into anything too difficult. You need to work with you body and your current fitness level. Use a trainer for a go too, doesn't have to be every workout, and it doesn't need to break the bank. It's there to keep things fresh and for you. It will get results.
10/01/2013 08:05 EDT
300 Pounds and Trying to Getty

300 Pounds and Trying to Fly

From my friend Patti: "Recently I stumbled upon that note and it made me sad. Not just for what I went through, but for every other obese person I've encountered on a flight or elsewhere. The dread of using the airplane washroom because let's face it, they're not made for the 300-pound crowd. Today I am taking a flight. Three flights actually, and it's a very emotional time for me."
09/13/2013 05:43 EDT
Why You Need to Push Physical Getty

Why You Need to Push Physical Limits

So why bother with the pushing your limits and being uncomfortable? You get one shot at this life, you can stand out, see everything, fall in love, run and play, or you can let your body fall into that trap of a slow decay. This article is for those truly looking for something more in their life.
09/05/2013 06:00 EDT
Get Back in the Fitness Groove This Getty

Get Back in the Fitness Groove This September

If you struggle with weight, health issues due to inactive lifestyle or just want to become the healthiest version of you, use September as a catalyst. Find a trainer and support system and instead of promising yourself this time it's different, make it different.
08/28/2013 05:04 EDT
Why Getty

Why "Selfies" Are Great For Your Health

As little as 5 years ago, the thought of having thousands or even millions of people able to see what you were up to with a creative hashtag was inconceivable. Now #TransformationTuesday, #TheLifestyleGame, #Fitness, #Workout, and countless other hashtags will unleash a barrage of pictures, blogs, and quotes on the unsuspecting social media user.
08/21/2013 05:26 EDT