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Jordan Sterling

Freelance writer. Bartender. Gin aficionado.

I attended the University of Toronto for Health Sciences, but soon realized my passion lies in writing.
A freelance writer by day and a bartender by night (something needs to pay the bills), I enjoy writing about culture, the up-and-coming, and things that make people bump heads.
It's Hard Not to Catch Blue Jays Rick Madonik via Getty Images

It's Hard Not to Catch Blue Jays Fever

Finally, a Toronto sports team is making waves and showing signs of excellence. It may have taken us 22 years to make the playoffs again, but we're a patient city, aren't we? After all, we cheer for the Leafs year after year despite repeated disappointment. Now, the Jays are up to bat for Toronto at large.
10/13/2015 12:10 EDT
A Reality Check for Sexuality Shutterstock / marekuliasz

A Reality Check for Sexuality Shaming

It's unfair to assume that the ad is suggesting that a public listing of your bedpost roster is necessary for safe sexual health. That's not the case. All it seems to imply is that you should simply be real about sexuality in this modern age -- you're probably not Christopher Columbus landing upon virgin banks.
09/22/2015 05:34 EDT
New Art Space in Toronto's Chinatown Hub of Sean Kulchar

New Art Space in Toronto's Chinatown Hub of Collaboration

This is not your standard art gallery that features one artist at a time with an entire exhibit. Instead, ARTarium aggregates a wide variety of different artists, even showcasing drastically different mediums. The space is intriguing and overwhelming all at the same time.
09/17/2015 05:19 EDT