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Jordan Whelan


Jordan Whelan is the President of Grey Smoke Media, a media buying and communications firm based in Toronto. He is also an internet entrepreneur having co-founded several ventures, such as In 2015 he was listed Toronto Star's "Top 10 to Watch" <br> <br> Whelan is a guest speaker and media contributor to over 100 radio, television and magazine outlets internationally.
To Be A Gay Man Is To Be A

To Be A Gay Man Is To Be A Chameleon

Jordan Whelen talks about the day-to-day challenges of living as a gay man in business and in dating life and shares his own journey of self-acceptance.
06/23/2017 13:55 EDT
To Be A Gay Man Is To Be A

To Be A Gay Man Is To Be A Chameleon

We take the descriptor "straight acting" in our community and hold it up like a holy grail. If we can achieve this goal, we will finally be able to hide through camouflage. We are the beautifully broken, a cast of misfits simultaneously fighting ourselves, other gay men, and society, in a quest for survival.
05/30/2017 11:20 EDT
What No One Tells You About Pursuing Your Business

What No One Tells You About Pursuing Your Business Dream

We are a society who enjoys our comforts, living on a flat trajectory of cost of living increases and certainty. Somewhere along the line many of us stopped dreaming and pivoted to filling our brains with weekend countdowns, effectively rushing along our lives when all we have to work with is time.
12/04/2014 06:02 EST
Welcome to Social

Welcome to Social Commerce

We will all make thousands of recommendations over our lifetime. Statistics and experience show word-of-mouth is the number one purchase influencer with 70 per cent of our brand mentions coming with a recommendation. After all, how did you meet your hairdresser, your dentist or find the perfect restaurant on your last jaunt?
10/02/2014 05:08 EDT
Why Olivia Chow Will Lose in

Why Olivia Chow Will Lose in October

Chow has dangerously slipped too fast and too far in polling for a miraculous rebound in such a scant time frame. Voters are gridlocked, stranded and unapologetic in demanding expedited change from Day 1. Chow's ideas are too late, too small and too old school for this electorate. She may very well be a good-hearted, industrious politician but her efforts as a pioneer and consensus builder leave little to be lauded.
09/29/2014 12:41 EDT
How Rob Ford Inspired Me to Create a Television

How Rob Ford Inspired Me to Create a Television Show

After watching Gawker's Indiegogo campaign successfully raise enough money to purchase what was thought to be a video of Rob Ford smoking crack cocaine I was in awe. To think that thousands would fund the unproven with their sole reward being intrinsic, well, that set my gears grinding.
08/09/2013 04:00 EDT
Changing Your Facebook Profile Won't Help Gay

Changing Your Facebook Profile Won't Help Gay Marriage

As the ever mounting case for same sex marriage lost its footing in the US Supreme Court this week, so did the efforts of a generation. The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) spearheaded the effort online asking marriage equality supporters to simply change their social media profile to a pink equal sign over a red background. And it worked, not surprising given the connectivity of social media. Proffering an opportunity to look like the most engaged of activists in less than 10 seconds amongst the most narcissistic bunch is but the largest and most appetizing of carrots to dangle. Who wouldn't take a bite?
04/02/2013 04:55 EDT
Millennials: The Karma

Millennials: The Karma Generation?

It's no wonder millennials have such an obsession with karma. Our childhood is well-documented to be a sheltered one in which our parents pondered if a simple game of tag could damage our swollen self-esteem. Thus, that time your iron-fisted principal slipped in the parking lot was more than likely just an inner-ear problem.
02/06/2012 02:28 EST
Here's What The Rich Don't Seem to

Here's What The Rich Don't Seem to Get

Have you procured your first pay stub for 2012? You probably should be used to the chill by now because it's been nearly frozen for years. That is, according to a study that says the average Canadian hasn't seen a meaningful pay increase in 30 years. The top 100 CEOs, however, saw a 27 per cent pay increase.
01/15/2012 03:24 EST
No Peace for the Catholic

No Peace for the Catholic Church

The brisk arrival of the holiday season and its coincidence with one of the most profound economic downturns in decades has seemingly influenced Pope Benedict's message for the World Day of Peace 2012.
12/25/2011 01:09 EST
In Praise of Sissy

In Praise of Sissy Men

In Christie Blatchford's utopia, men are either gay or a derivative of Chuck Norris. Gays get a pass, the rest must ascribe to an antiquated, ever-shifting definition of masculinity perpetuated in nearly every marketing campaign floated by Canada's top brewing companies.
12/16/2011 11:26 EST