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Jordana Goldlist

Criminal Lawyer Athlete Traveller Foodie and Firearm Enthusiast

I am a criminal defence lawyer based out of Toronto but practising throughout the GTA, Brampton, Hamilton, Niagara, and York Region. My focus is on high stakes litigation: homicides, home invasions, firearm offences, robberies, and drug-related charges.
Who Judges The

Who Judges The Judge?

The reality is that crime fuels a multi-billion dollar industry; I am not talking about the money generated from those who commit crimes, but the system designed to stop them: The Justice System. Not only does it contribute to our economic system but it actually gives the majority of its participants a purpose and an identity. How many lawyers do you meet and don't learn of their occupation within minutes? Officers and Judges are no different: They define themselves by their roles in the system.
04/11/2016 01:09 EDT