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Jorg Cieslok

Out-of-home advertising industry rebel who loves motorcycles.

Jörg'S 24 years of out-of-home experience spans from Vancouver to Montreal, Los Angeles to New York and in and around his home country of Germany. The new venture is the sixth outdoor advertising company in which Jörg Cieslok has had ownership. Known for his industry foresight, creative thinking, and sales and marketing strategy, Jörg changed the landscape of out-of-home media in Canada through innovation and the execution of creative ideas in the large format, experiential and digital media categories. Working with leading media planners and buyers, Jörg has successfully turned advertising campaigns from conceptual ideas to some of the most memorable campaigns of today and yesteryear.
Why Digital Billboards Shouldn't Be

Why Digital Billboards Shouldn't Be Banned

In Dave Meslin's article "Driven to Distraction" he links the distraction caused by digital billboards to automobile accidents as a leading cause of death; he suggests billboards are altogether unsafe and should be banned. Meslin's claims need debunking.
08/13/2014 03:49 EDT