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Joseph Donia

Founder, Huddle Innovation

Joseph is the founder of Huddle, a service design and innovation consultancy that helps organizations create new value through innovative service models and experiences.
Designing The Stress Out Of Legal Sector Dan Dalton via Getty Images

Designing The Stress Out Of Legal Sector Jobs

While law societies and bar associations across the country address the issue though awareness, education, and workshops, comparatively little has been done to examine and address how the current structure of legal services can contribute to burnout. Could we innovate less stressful careers?
07/18/2016 03:43 EDT
Closing Expectation Gaps In fazon1 via Getty Images

Closing Expectation Gaps In Services

Unlike products, services require a user's participation throughout the journey. From on-boarding to invoicing, direct and consistent contact between the service provider and the service user means that there is enormous opportunity (and risk) to your brand at every touchpoint and even the spaces between them.
05/24/2016 04:02 EDT
It's Time To Get Serious About Ad mindscanner via Getty Images

It's Time To Get Serious About Ad Blocking

The reason ad blocking has been met with so much fervor, is that it challenges the very basis upon which much of the internet is run and financed. The public accesses content for free, in exchange for seeing ads that produce income for the creators of such content. The ethical dilemma has been framed as the following: does the public have a right to both consume the content, and block ads?
10/28/2015 03:45 EDT
How to Get Content Marketing Shutterstock

How to Get Content Marketing Right

To produce good content, brands will need to get out of the mindset of old-school publishing. No, you generally can't ask for the sale in that piece of content. No, it's not an opportunity to list all of the benefits of your product or service. It is however an exercise in reflection and creativity, and an opportunity to build trust.
08/11/2015 05:14 EDT
Brands Should Support LGBT vectomart

Brands Should Support LGBT Rights

As the SCOTUS decision permeates business and marketing discussions, there have been a few arguments against brands publicly supporting equal marriage and LGBT rights. And not always the kinds of truthiness inspired arguments you might expect, but rather, reasoned (if ill-informed) arguments based on a few common assumptions. I'd like to address those here.
07/05/2015 06:43 EDT
Make Data Your Friend by Using it Olga Ieromina via Getty Images

Make Data Your Friend by Using it Properly

Without careful attention to some of the ways data can be misused, we run the risk of acting on those insights with potentially damaging outcomes. Identifying mistakes individuals and organizations make when dealing with data is important not just to data analysts and decision makers, but to the public too.
06/11/2015 08:13 EDT
Not All Social Media Campaigns Are Created Dove

Not All Social Media Campaigns Are Created Equal

With video continuing to dominate on social media as a more relatable, engaging and effective alternative to static forms of content, brands have a lot to win in this sphere, especially those with causes to promote. But not all videos are created equal, and not all campaigns know how give a video the leverage it needs to be seen.
05/12/2015 12:34 EDT
Social Media's Disposable Content Has Shutterstock / Kostenko Maxim

Social Media's Disposable Content Has Value

For some time now, marketers have been talking about the importance of brands being authentic on social media. Social media is evolving. The trend toward disposable content, perhaps, isn't a trend toward the disposable, but a trend toward the authentic and real. Just as in real life, people prefer to interact with others who show vulnerability and authenticity.
04/16/2015 01:02 EDT
It's Time for a Big Data Code of Getty

It's Time for a Big Data Code of Ethics

At present, there is no one governing body that oversees data usage by marketers and media platforms. There are codes of ethics put out by the Canadian and American Marketing Associations, as well as individual ethical codes drafted by marketing research associations among others, but who is accountable to them?
03/25/2015 05:50 EDT
Support the Queer Community Without r_drewek via Getty Images

Support the Queer Community Without Pinkwashing

A portmanteau of "pink" and "whitewashing," pinkwashing is sometimes used to describe organizations who tout support for LGBTQ causes to distract from less ethical endeavours, or who do so without backing their messages through appropriate actions or policies. So how can you as an inclusive, diversity-loving organization reach LGBTQ communities in the right way? Here are five tips.
03/11/2015 12:50 EDT