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Joseph McLean

Writing from the forest's edge

Raised in a solar powered shack on the far edge of nowhere, Joseph McLean is renowned for his ability to climb up and fall down mountains, change terrifying baby diapers, and write words on the Internet. He lives with his wife Katie in Powell River BC, where he runs a computer specialty store, a whimsical blog, and the occasional marathon.
It Is Not Wrong To Mourn For shutterstock

It Is Not Wrong To Mourn For Paris

I've been told that we care too much for the people of Paris. That our outpouring of sympathy ignores the fate of other countries, that we are too selective in our grief. We find it so easy to stand with our old ally, while places like Beirut and Nigeria burn. We are hypocrites for caring so much about France. But it's false.
11/19/2015 11:12 EST
Pipeline Protesters Aren't Hypocrites for Driving Emilie Duchesne via Getty Images

Pipeline Protesters Aren't Hypocrites for Driving Cars

Opinions run hot around pipeline conflicts, and more is ahead of us. There are many arguments for and against civil protest, but one of the most persistent is that these people are hypocrites. That if you drive a car, take a plane, use hairspray, or otherwise consume fossil fuels in any way, you have no right to stand up. This comparison is troubling for a number of reasons.
12/07/2014 10:49 EST
What Americans Get Wrong About iannelson via Getty Images

What Americans Get Wrong About Canada

You're wrong about Canada. NBC, Global TV, CNN, ABC, on the news and on the screens. We've been through a lot since October 22, collectively, as a country. But how can you stand and say that we've lost our innocence, how can you print it like a litany, false sympathy for our tears?
11/02/2014 05:42 EST