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Josh D. Scheinert


Josh D. Scheinert is a lawyer practising international law in Toronto. Previously, he worked as the law clerk for the Chief Justice of the Federal Court (Canada) and as a visiting lecturer with the Faculty of Law at the University of The Gambia in West Africa, where he taught courses in constitutional law, international law, and human rights. He holds a Masters of Law from the University of Cambridge, with a specialization in international law. His law and undergraduate degrees are from Osgoode Hall Law School and McGill University.
The Election Nobody Cared

The Election Nobody Cared About

With a country you can't really see on a map (that doesn't really offer an incentive to find it), you have a situation where a man who claims to have found a cure for AIDS, for which he provides treatment only on Thursdays, is able to not only run, but win presidential elections.
11/30/2011 10:36 EST
Let the Benhmudas Come

Let the Benhmudas Come Home

In deporting the Benhmuda's Canada's refugee system made a mistake. Fortunately, it's being given a second chance; let's hope this time it gets it right. Let the Benhmuda's come home.
11/12/2011 08:30 EST

Conservatives' "It Gets Better" Video: Hypocrisy or Opportunity?

Is it hypocritical for a bunch of historically anti-gay MPs all of sudden attempting to reach out to gay teens with an "It Gets Better" video? I believe the Conservative video is commendable, but only if it signifies a shift in attitude on the part of the party. What's really needed is for things to get better today.
10/24/2011 12:07 EDT
Jamie Hubley Didn't Have to

Jamie Hubley Didn't Have to Die

Before we have another case like Jamie Hubley's on our hands, it's time for Canada to stand up loud and proud and say, "It gets better." Where is Prime Minister Harper's message that it gets better? I don't believe that Harper, his cabinet, the Conservative Party or other Members of Parliament are anti-gay. But I think their silence is deafening.
10/18/2011 11:45 EDT
Canada's Misguided Crackdown on Human

Canada's Misguided Crackdown on Human Smuggling

The Preventing Human Smugglers from Abusing Canada's Immigration System Act (Bill C-4) does anything but what its title suggests. It is not about preventing human smuggling; it is about callously punishing those who may or may not have been smuggled in an attempt to gain a better life.
10/04/2011 09:44 EDT
Jason Kenney vs. Amnesty International: When the Critics Hit

Jason Kenney vs. Amnesty International: When the Critics Hit Home

Suggesting that the existence of worse offenders precludes a rights organization from questioning the actions of Canadian officials, or other 'lesser offending nations,' is tacit acknowledgement of belief that there should be a double standard in international human rights.
08/16/2011 12:43 EDT
Israel Is Pushing Me

Israel Is Pushing Me Away

The boycott bill is not a moral victory for those who espouse Israel's cause; it is a setback. It is not a sign of strength over Israel's critics; it is a sign of weakness. Silence! We don't want to hear it anymore. Discussion over.
07/21/2011 12:40 EDT