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Josh Tabish

Campaigns Director, OpenMedia

Josh Tabish is the Campaigns Director at OpenMedia. He joined OpenMedia in 2013 and is passionate about helping those in the struggle for open communication systems. Before OpenMedia, he served as Coordinator with the Media Democracy Project at Simon Fraser University (SFU) where he organized the annual Media Democracy Days conference as well as the CounterCulture Speaker Series. He has also been involved in several grassroots media reform initiatives including the inaugural SlutWalk Vancouver in 2011. He holds a BA in Communication and Linguistics from SFU.
How the CRTC Is Keeping Canada's Telecom Giants in John Lamb via Getty Images

How the CRTC Is Keeping Canada's Telecom Giants in Check

you may not live in the U.S., but many of your favourite websites do. In the end, rules that impact those sites will eventually impact you. And as countries around the world continue to contemplate net neutrality rules, it will be important to show the leadership of Canada's CRTC, the United States' FCC, and others to urge policy-makers around the globe to follow suit.
02/05/2015 05:16 EST
Postmedia's Monopoly On News Will Kill CP

Postmedia's Monopoly On News Will Kill Diversity

At the end of the day, the acquisition of Sun Media by Postmedia -- if approved -- would be bad news for Canadians. One large media conglomerate would control nearly half the daily newspapers in Canada, which would restrict the diversity of voices and range of perspectives available to engaged citizens. That means the voices of Canada's most marginalized groups will see themselves begin to disappear from the news, as increased commercial pressures and reliance on new forms of ad-sponsored content will colour our world through commercial eyes.
10/07/2014 04:41 EDT