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Joshua Belick

Author, Young Professional, Competitive Runner

Joshua Belick currently works in the Canadian Aerospace Industry and is the Director of Knowledge of FoCOS (Future of Canadian Oil Sands). He was also a former executive youth lead for the United Way Peel Region. Joshua previously worked for Service Canada as a University Instructor in Changchun, China. Joshua attended McMaster University’s Institute of Globalization and the Human Condition and York University.
Young Canadians Are Hurting the Oil Sands JIM WATSON via Getty Images

Young Canadians Are Hurting the Oil Sands Debate

The typical young Canadian professional's engagement with the oilsands is like this: You pull your smart phone out and skim through your social media feed. You see post after post about the Canadian oilsands and its negative impact on the environment. You see countless re-posts about celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio protesting Canada's poor environmental standards. After a quick read you "like" the post or possibly share it with a short comment to the effect of "This needs to change!" You lock your smart phone and head out the door with a new sense of accomplishment, thinking to yourself "I just effectively contributed to the debate on the oilsands." But what exactly did you really accomplish?
10/17/2014 09:05 EDT