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Joshua M. Ferguson

Non-binary trans filmmaker, author, advocate, artist, indigo with a love for magic. (Literary agent: Allison Cohen, The Gersh Agency)

Dr. Joshua M. Ferguson (Ph.D) is a non-binary trans (they/them) filmmaker, author and advocate born in Brantford, Canada and raised in Napanee, Canada. Joshua focuses on making cultural interventions in their written, filmic and artistic work. They harness their formal academic research, previous experience as an advocate and their passion to make a difference to fight for legal recognition for non-binary people in Canada and beyond. Joshua believes in creating horizons of hope in their written and filmic work by demonstrating that love transmitted through artistic mediums can inspire immeasurable positive change.

Some of Joshua’s written work has been featured in the Huffington Post, BuzzFeedOUT Magazine and VICE. Joshua’s story will be featured in a feature-length documentary entitled Non-Binary.  With their producing partner, Florian Halbedl, Joshua’s films have been screened internationally at over forty film festivals. The award-winning Whispers of Life (2013) is a short fiction film about the power of imagination and communication in relation to challenging anti-LGBT bullying and promoting suicide prevention. Joshua’s latest film Limina (2016) has made history or trans inclusivity in the film and TV history by becoming the first film with an actor to be deemed eligible for both male and female performer submissions at the Leo Awards in the Canadian film industry. Joshua is producing and directing a new short fiction film entitled Henry’s Heart, set to film in the spring of 2018. Joshua aims to discover innovative, unique and marginalized stories that seek to represent the rich diversity of humanity. Joshua believes that “film can act as a beacon of hope for those struggling with being marginalized while simultaneously deploying new ways to expand awareness in a changing global landscape that typically participates in exclusionary and reductive forms of cinematic representation.” Joshua and Florian are in development for a feature fiction film.

My Grandmother Recognized Me As Trans The Day We Said Joshua M. Ferguson 2016

My Grandmother Recognized Me As Trans The Day We Said Goodbye

I am a non-binary trans person. I know that many people do not yet understand what this means. Many people refuse to acknowledge my existence. Being seen as I am by people is a remarkable feeling, and my grandmother gave this gift to me in the most unexpected moment. My grandmother spent her minute of clarity, while suffering in a state of almost perpetual dementia and physical exhaustion, to give me a beautiful gift of cross-generational respect as a trans person. To see me as I am.
11/07/2016 11:04 EST