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Joshua Ostroff

Former Senior Editor, HuffPost Canada

Joshua Ostroff is a former senior editor at HuffPost Canada. Raised on the West Coast and based in Toronto, he covers politics and pop culture and has contributed to Vice, Maclean's, The Walrus, CTV and other newspapers, magazines and broadcasters.  

A Deadly Reminder to Be Skeptical of Toy AP

A Deadly Reminder to Be Skeptical of Toy Guns

Just shortly after the news that 20 small children were killed in Connecticut, the White House Press Secretary said "today is not the day" to engage in a policy debate over gun control. But it hardly matters if we all agree that shooting schoolchildren is terrible if we don't do anything to prevent it in the future -- and that is difficult to do in a society that promotes gun culture to even its youngest members.
12/14/2012 03:36 EST
Why Parents Should Not Vote for Mitt AP

Why Parents Should Not Vote for Mitt Romney

As a voter there are reasons to cast a ballot for either President Barack Obama or Mitt Romney, but as a parent I honestly can't imagine why any mother or father could vote Romney -- and honesty is the reason. Parents teach by example, by being a person who acts with honesty, forthrightness, integrity and responsibility. These are family values. They are also, of course, are the polar opposite of how Mitt Romney has run his campaign and how he would run the United States of America.
11/02/2012 02:46 EDT
Larry King Not A Fan Of Morgan's Getty Images

Larry King Not A Fan Of Morgan's Style

Legendary TV interviewer Larry King may like Piers Morgan the man, but he has little appreciation for his CNN replacement’s self-centred interviewing style or his previous background as a “tabloid jou...
11/01/2012 10:02 EDT
Sheen: Romney Is AOL Canada/AP

Sheen: Romney Is 'Stupid'

When Martin Sheen last spoke to Huffington Post in September, U.S. President Barack Obama’s re-election looked like a cakewalk. Three debates later, the race couldn’t be tighter — but the legendary ac...
10/27/2012 12:55 EDT
Trudeau's Got One More Card Up His CP

Trudeau's Got One More Card Up His Sleeve

Just days before he kicked off his campaign to become the next leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, Justin Trudeau was welcomed like a rock star at a 20,000-strong youth rally in Toronto. While crit...
10/02/2012 09:35 EDT
Louis C.K., Fatherhood and the Sexism of Lowered Getty Images

Louis C.K., Fatherhood and the Sexism of Lowered Expectations

Louie isn't nearly the dad Cliff Huxtable was. He's divorced, doesn't own a house and is making it up as he goes. Sometimes his parenting sucks and sometimes it's amazing, but it always feels real, rather than a mere set-up to a punchline. And Louie always does his damnedest, right up to shepherding his daughter's stowaway duckling through a USO tour of Afghanistan.
09/27/2012 06:10 EDT
10 Wackiest Music Award Show MTV

10 Wackiest Music Award Show Moments

Tonight the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards will go down in Los Angeles and it's not hard to predict that something scandalous will happen during the broadcast. After all, Drake, Rihanna and Chris Brown w...
09/06/2012 02:06 EDT