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Joshua Ostroff

Senior Editor, Huffington Post Canada

<p>Joshua Ostroff is a former senior editor at HuffPost Canada. Raised on the West Coast and based in Toronto, he covers politics and pop culture and has contributed to Vice, Maclean's, The Walrus, CTV and other newspapers, magazines and broadcasters.  </p>
How The Comic Geek Inherited The

How The Comic Geek Inherited The Earth

Even as comic collecting declined in the 1990s, its fan-oriented subcultural set-up spread to other groups who began joining forces for broader genre cons like Fan Expo and Comic-Con, while slowly turning their favorite things, be it <em> Lost</em> or <em>Lord of the Rings</em> and the contemporary comic-book movie, into mainstream success stories.
08/23/2012 09:30 EDT

Surprising Scores

The London Olympics and their Paul McCartney-fronted opening ceremonies are over and we're deep into the actual competition
08/09/2012 12:47 EDT
The Beatles 'Didn't Build

The Beatles 'Didn't Build That'

<em>Backbeat</em> is a musical that purports to tell the "birth of the Beatles," but really tells the story of the forgotten people who helped make the Beatles possible.
08/04/2012 12:11 EDT
Am I Dad

Am I Dad Enough?

The Mommy Wars flared up again last month in time for Mother's Day, thanks to that insta-infamous <em>Time</em> magazine cover of the pretty blonde provocatively breastfeeding her almost-four-year-old beside the inflammatory headline: "Are You Mom Enough?" It talked about attachment parenting, but mostly in the context of mothers.
06/15/2012 08:03 EDT
Occupy Kid

Occupy Kid Lit

Even if the political underpinnings of the <em>Yertle</em> and <em>Thomas</em> books are way over my son's head -- not hard, as he's only about three feet tall -- they still impart moral lessons. One reinforces class divisions and imperiousness while the other promotes equality and compassion. But apparently equality and compassion aren't appropriate for B.C. classrooms.
04/25/2012 03:34 EDT
Are Crunchy Parents

Are Crunchy Parents Clueless?

I hadn't even heard of the term "crunchy parenting" before my wife suggested it for a column. But celebs like Alicia Silverstone and Mayim Bialik are bringing its fringe philosophy, also known as "attachment parenting," into the spotlight. (Though not entirely interchangeable terms, think of crunchy parenting and attachment parenting like hip-hop and rap -- the former includes the latter, but is also more expansive in scope.)
04/12/2012 11:11 EDT