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Joshua R Beharry

Mental health advocate, writer, photographer

Since recovering from depression in 2010, Josh has become a passionate advocate for mental health. Josh is currently the project coordinator for HeadsUpGuys, a website targeting depression in men, based out of the University of British Columbia, Canada.
It's Time to Get Men Talking About

It's Time to Get Men Talking About Depression

Eight years ago, I didn't know much about depression. Seven years ago, I wanted nothing more than to escape it's pain, and I tried to take my own life. The worse part is, my story is not unique. I, like many men, found depression too hard to talk about. When I began to realize something more serious was going on with my health, I was too ashamed to admit I needed help. All over the world, boys learn that men don't cry, that men don't ask for help, and that real men don't need help anyway.
04/05/2017 04:25 EDT