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Joshua Slayen

Immigration Lawyer with Larlee Rosenberg, Barristers & Solicitors

Joshua Slayen is a Vancouver-based Immigration Lawyer with Larlee Rosenberg, Barristers & Solicitors. Joshua services corporate and individual clients around Canada and the world.
Manitoba Welcomes Dave Reede via Getty Images

Manitoba Welcomes Farmers

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program has a Farm Strategic Recruitment Initiative under the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program for Business. The purpose of the program is to bring new farmers to Manitoba.
11/18/2016 01:38 EST
How to Have a Good Relationship With Your Getty Images

How to Have a Good Relationship With Your Lawyer

Most people will need a lawyer at one point in their lives. Whether it is a home purchase or a will, a bankruptcy or a divorce, lawyers are a necessary part of our society. There are many different layers of client service within that framework, and every client wants to be treated as #1.
03/16/2015 04:55 EDT
What You Need to Know About Getty

What You Need to Know About Common-Law

How do you enter into a common-law relationships in the first place and when do various rights vest? For those of you living with a partner or considering doing so (or if you have adult children considering same), I suggest that you grab a cup of coffee, sit down and read the following paragraphs a few of times over.
11/26/2013 05:39 EST
Just Committed a Crime? Tweet About it and Give Cops a Alamy

Just Committed a Crime? Tweet About it and Give Cops a Break

Social Media has evolved into an invaluable tool for law enforcement professionals to track crime. Furthermore, nowadays, there is story after story being written about criminals that do stupid things online to get busted, and they have only themselves to blame.
02/20/2013 05:25 EST
Can QuickLaw Really Help

Can QuickLaw Really Help Lawyers?

LexisNexis and Microsoft have teamed up to offer a new solution called Quicklaw for Microsoft Office. They say it is designed to simplify legal research and ultimately save time for lawyers. I took it for a test drive to see if it's all they say it is.
01/06/2013 09:13 EST
Advice on Surviving Family

Advice on Surviving Family Business

There has been a colossal breakdown of the Archie family business, and it sounds like something right out of the movies; egos, lawyers, yelling matches, sexual harassment claims, defamation lawsuits and restraining orders. This one has it all. It makes me think of different measures that friends and family members can take when entering into businesses ventures
11/06/2012 05:30 EST
Leave Work Out of Your Status Updates, or You'll Be PA

Leave Work Out of Your Status Updates, or You'll Be Sorry

The scenario is not that uncommon: You hate your job, you hate your boss, you hate your co-workers, so you go home and share your woes on Facebook to your closest of friends. But it's pretty obvious to everyone by now that you can get terminated for something you post on Facebook. So what can you do to protect yourself?
09/18/2012 05:31 EDT