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Joy D'Souza

Lifestyle Editor, HuffPost Canada

Joy D'Souza is an editor at HuffPost Canada covering lifestyle content. As a self-proclaimed pop culture junkie and lover of food, fitness and fashion, Joy generally covers food, fitness, health, entertainment and royals.
Joy D'Souza

Who I Am Has Nothing To Do With Where My Parents Were Born

My cultural identity isn't defined by where my parents were born. My father was born in Pakistan, his siblings and parents were born in Goa, India, and all of his great-grandparents were born in Portugal. What does that make him? My mother was born in the Philippines, and my sister and I were born in Toronto. What does that make us?
08/17/2016 05:22 EDT
Brian Trinh

Living on $1.75 a Day Opened Our Eyes to the Struggle of Millions

The rules were simple: consume only $1.75 worth of food and drink each day, and do it for five days. We pooled our money together and bought groceries as a team, but each of us went into the Live Below The Line Challenge with different strategies, expectations and motivations. What began as a 'fun' food challenge for three Huffington Post Canada editors turned into a eye-opening experience we won't forget.
04/27/2015 03:04 EDT