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Joy D'Souza

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Joy D'Souza is an editor at HuffPost Canada covering lifestyle content. As a self-proclaimed pop culture junkie and lover of food, fitness and fashion, Joy generally covers food, fitness, health, entertainment and royals. Follow her on Twitter @JaneAnneJoy
Baked Potatoes Made

Baked Potatoes Made Healthy

The holidays have come and gone, but the comfort food cravings are here to stay. When the weather takes a turn for the worse
01/04/2015 10:00 EST
Where To Eat Before You

Where To Eat Before You Fly

Airport restaurants aren't what they used to be. Stale tuna sandwiches and day-old doughnuts are no longer the fare to expect
12/18/2014 05:43 EST
Easy Holiday

Easy Holiday Appetizers

Skip the store bought appetizers and serve up these simple holiday hors d'oeuvres instead. Whether you're looking for a creamy
12/18/2014 01:09 EST
Holiday Treats Everyone Can

Holiday Treats Everyone Can Enjoy

The holiday treat table can be tricky to navigate for people with food allergies or restricted diets. It can often be difficult
12/16/2014 06:13 EST
9 Ways To Fancy Up Your

9 Ways To Fancy Up Your Pies

My sincere love of pie has had me experimenting in the kitchen for years. I've eaten my share of last slices straight from
12/16/2014 06:11 EST

Tahini Takeover

Peanut butter, cookie butter, almond butter, Nutella: all are the makings of a perfect dessert or morning-time meal. But
12/16/2014 01:10 EST
The Ultimate Christmas

The Ultimate Christmas Cake

The holidays just don't seem complete without a delicious dinner, complete with all the fixings: turkey, potatoes, sprouts
12/16/2014 01:06 EST
Sriracha Beer And Other Odd

Sriracha Beer And Other Odd Brews

Hot sauce lovers, rejoice! The Sriracha craze is only getting stronger and with it comes the invention of its own beer -- take
12/12/2014 05:36 EST
Simple Ways To Reduce Food

Simple Ways To Reduce Food Waste

For many Canadians, wasting food is an everyday occurrence, one many of us don't think twice about. According to Second Harvest
12/03/2014 05:25 EST