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Joy D'Souza

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Joy D'Souza is an editor at HuffPost Canada covering lifestyle content. As a self-proclaimed pop culture junkie and lover of food, fitness and fashion, Joy generally covers food, fitness, health, entertainment and royals. Follow her on Twitter @JaneAnneJoy
The Top 4 Cancer Fighting

The Top 4 Cancer Fighting Foods

We know what's good, but what's best when it comes to cancer fighting foods? According to Rebecca Katz, an expert on the
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15 Foods You Can Turn Into

15 Foods You Can Turn Into Chips

Crispy potato chips are a universal weak spot and a snack time favourite. While they're undeniably delicious, they're not
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Tastes Like Team

Tastes Like Team Spirit

Since football games are so often preceded by tailgating parties, it's definitely time to start planning that menu. With
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