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Joyce Arthur

Executive Director, Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada (

Joyce Arthur is the founder and Executive Director of the <a rel="nofollow">Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada</a>.
Hey Parliament, Keep Your Laws Off my

Hey Parliament, Keep Your Laws Off my Body

Canadian women won equality rights 27 years ago when the gender equality clause in our Charter of Rights and Freedoms took effect. Yet, several times since the turn of the 21st century, parliament has seen fit to debate whether women's rights should be restricted. How can this happen?
05/18/2012 08:25 EDT
CHANGE MY MIND: When Should a Fetus be Recognized as a

CHANGE MY MIND: When Should a Fetus be Recognized as a Child?

In February, Tory MP Stephen Woodworth filed a motion requesting a study of a subsection of the Criminal Code that says in Canada a child does not become a human being until the moment of complete birth. For our new debate series -- "Change My Mind" -- Huffpost Canada asked Joyce Arthur, founder of the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada, to debate with Woodworth the need for his motion. Whom do you agree with?
04/02/2012 04:45 EDT
Joyce Arthur

Joyce Arthur #2

Woodworth's debate contributions exemplify what is wrong with his motion and why it will fail. Throughout, he uses the word
04/02/2012 01:58 EDT
Arthur response

Arthur response #1

Some readers might wonder why I'm debating Stephen Woodworth on the grounds of this misleading and offensive debate statement
04/02/2012 01:57 EDT