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Joyce Wild

HUnter, Fisherwoman, tv host, blogger, recipe developer

Passionate about the outdoors, Joyce strives to encompass all aspects of life outdoors. Joyce is an avid fisherwoman and spends most of the summers fishing and enjoying campfires with her two kids and husband. Throughout the fall her and her husband hunt several species to feed her family through the winter. When the weather turns cold you can find her on the slopes as a volunteer ski coach for the local ski club or in the mountains enjoying some tougher terrain.
Should Young Children Learn to

Should Young Children Learn to Hunt?

My kids have been seeing animal carcasses for years and asking questions about them, does it give them nightmares? No, simply because we do not make it out to be a scary situation. Showing kids where food comes from shouldn't be scary.
08/07/2015 09:24 EDT