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Jugni Style is an online lifestyle magazine with a focus on all things South Asian. We love talking about clothes, make-up and grooming, as much as we enjoy taking in an art exhibit or listening to the latest Bhangra or MIA song.

Jugni Style is for the modern woman and man who follow fashion trends from around the world, shop designer, high street and vintage, eat sushi and gulab jamuns, and has A Fine Balance, Helium, and Those Pricey Thakur Girls on their bookshelf.

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Deepa Mehta Made a Gangster Film About Vancouver. Here's

Deepa Mehta Made a Gangster Film About Vancouver. Here's Why.

The loud styling makes the film instantly iconic, especially in casting style icon Waris Ahluwahlia as Manny, the trigger-happy joker of the gang and the one daring enough to pull off neon pink and bright turquoise suits. Mehta wanted to do more than present their brash styling; she wanted to shatter stereotypes of Sikh characters who often play cabbies or doctors on screen.
10/16/2015 02:08 EDT
Arundhati Roy on Activism and her Sanjay Kak

Arundhati Roy on Activism and her Past

Even social advocates need time off. Arundhati Roy has just come from shoe-shopping in downtown Vancouver, which makes one wonder whether she went for trainers, or slipped into Holt Renfrew to try on some designer labels.
04/01/2014 07:27 EDT
DIY Beauty Remedies: Indian Tumeric Face Getty

DIY Beauty Remedies: Indian Tumeric Face Mask

I have tragically dry skin in cold weather, so dry skin cells flake off and clog my pores and I break out more than usual. Indian brides apply turmeric paste to make their skin glow as well as deter any blemishes for their special day. Turmeric has anti-bacterial qualities that are great at combating acne, hyper-pigmentation, eczema and dark marks. Plus this mask's bright yellow colour makes your face literally look like sunshine when you have it on!
11/04/2013 01:24 EST
Craving Butter Shutterstock

Craving Butter Chicken?

At this point in my pregnancy, I've gradually moved on from my Mexican burritos and tacos phase, to my Indian food phase -- particularly indulgent dishes like my dad's butter chicken and my mom's deep-fried pakoras. My cravings are frequent and I can't get enough! I figured this might be the perfect time to do some experimenting and tackle these dishes on my own.
09/08/2013 08:11 EDT
Is Dark Beautiful? The Fairness Debate Opens Wide in Getty

Is Dark Beautiful? The Fairness Debate Opens Wide in India

The darker girl's mantra: stay out of the sun, don't tan, and use this homemade concoction to fade your skin colour. Unless you're born fair like Aishwarya Rai, you've likely been subject to some version of this growing up -- but the Dark is Beautiful campaign is working to change this.
08/26/2013 02:04 EDT
DIY Beauty Remedies: Shaving

DIY Beauty Remedies: Shaving Oil

After sharing her money saving, skin treating DIY oil cleanser, actress Anita Majumdar shares another one of her secret beauty remedies. (Photograph from Cahoot's Theatre Company & Nightswimming's p...
08/12/2013 08:32 EDT
TOIFA Vancouver: Bollywood Celebrity

TOIFA Vancouver: Bollywood Celebrity Sightings

We've been camped out at TOIFA waiting to cross paths some of Bollywood's biggest celebrities. From big-name fashion designer Manish Malhotra to hot, young stars like Nargis Fakhri, Aditi Rao Hydari and former Miss Universe Neha Dhupia, here's a peek at the celebrities we spotted in Vancouver during the awards.
04/07/2013 12:08 EDT