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Julia Brucculieri

Entertainment Writer, The Huffington Post

A self-professed pop culture junkie and doughnut enthusiast, with a serious phobia of centipedes. I love pugs and cooking/eating delicious things.
Sorry, Women Against Feminism I Still Facebook/Women Against Feminism

Sorry, Women Against Feminism I Still Need

Do you need feminism? I do. But I'm one person, with one view point, which not everyone agrees with. For instance, on a recent morning, I came across the online community Women Against Feminism, and I have to say, I was pretty baffled at what I found. When I look at their pictures, all I see I see is a bunch of misinformed ladies who seem to have little understanding of what feminism actually is.
07/18/2014 07:56 EDT
This Is How Canadians Show Their Instagram

This Is How Canadians Show Their Pride

You know what Canadians love more than red and white? GOLD! On Sunday Feb. 22, Canadians all across the country got to celebrate their love for gold when team Canada's men's hockey team defeated Swed...
02/23/2014 01:17 EST
When Did We Start Calling Racism Buro 247

When Did We Start Calling Racism Fashion?

Earlier this week, a photo surfaced online that featured Dasha Zhukova (a white, female fashion editor) sitting on top of a chair made to look like a semi-nude black woman. If the chair was art, why did I find it so offensive? Since when did the fashion world become so racist? It's almost as though these fashion editors do it on purpose, just to get people talking. But as someone who loves fashion and art, I often find myself conflicted.
01/23/2014 12:08 EST