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Julia Fursova

Educator, researcher, writer and artist passionate about health and well-being of people and the planet.

I wear many hats – I am a health promoter/educator, and a researcher. I am also an artist and a parent. I am passionate about health equity, social justice and popular/participatory education. Currently, I am project co-ordinator for the Guys Can Cook project, as well as a third year PhD student in the Environmental Studies program at York University. I study health equity and justice issues in urban environment in the context of environmental sustainability and climate change.
A Better Health-Care System Makes Prevention A

A Better Health-Care System Makes Prevention A Priority

As daily decisions made amid unhealthy environments pile up, our chances of becoming sick increase. Then we head to the doctor's office or hospital. It is ironic that we continue to call ours a health-care system, when in reality it only takes care of us when we are already sick.
12/06/2016 04:26 EST