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Julia Rosien

Globetrotter, mom, founder of & Brand Engineer for

I currently serve as the Brand Engineer for Restonic, an international mattress licensee with patented technologies and components, ranging from innerspring to latex, memory foam and gel. My not-so-secret passion is, a travel website that focuses on how women travel.

Co-founder of Canada’s first 140 Conference and its master of ceremonies as well as a keynote presenter at the 2012 140 Conference in NYC and 2014 WOWtheWorld Waterloo, I’ve also been honored to speak at TEDxWomen Waterloo, Impact99,, Women in Biz Conference to name just a few. I’ve shared the stage with mega-celebrities, such as Kathy Ireland and Deepak Chopra. Postplanner recently cited me as one of the top 100 people to follow on social media.

My writing has been published in Health, Women’s Health, Wedding Style, The American Bar Association Journal, CBC Radio, Conceive, Chicago Sun-Times, The Christian Science Monitor, Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary Sun and The Boston Globe.
How to Keep Your Suitcase Safe While Shutterstock

How to Keep Your Suitcase Safe While Travelling

While lost and damaged luggage is an unfortunate travel reality, it's getting easier to track down an errant bag half a world away and get it back to you -- relatively quickly. And if you've identified your bag well and have an inventory of the contents, luck may be in your favour. Use these tips to help ensure that even if your bags don't arrive with you, you'll be protected.
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3 Mistakes Women Make When Travelling Solo

My travel mistakes have ranged from budget-busting to stupid safety choices that (thankfully) ended with a good story to tell when I got home. Feel free to learn from my solo travel mistakes so you don't have to make them for yourself.
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