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Julia Tausch


Julia Tausch is the author of "Another Book About Another Broken Heart." Her short fiction has been published in literary journals and anthologies throughout North America. She is currently completing her second novel, "Partying All Night and Going out Dancing." She lives in Toronto.
Odin's Birthday Shows We Mistreat Those Who Aren't

Odin's Birthday Shows We Mistreat Those Who Aren't "Normal"

Odin will remember this birthday forever, I'm sure, and what people in Peterborough and people around the world did for him is remarkable. What will be even more remarkable is if we can keep Odin in our minds now that his birthday is done. If, because of his story, we can be more aware of how many other stories like his are going on right now. If we can start to think about how our culture enables this story to happen again and again. Odin and his wonderful mom have started a conversation. It's up to all of us to keep it going.
03/22/2015 11:57 EDT