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Julian Dierkes

Sociologist, policy educator (UBC's Institute of Asian Research), Mongolia researcher, Nippophile, observer of Canadian Digital Diplomacy, husband/dad and bike commuter.

Dr. Julian Dierkes is a Berliner living in Canada, educated in the U.S., focused in research on Japan (contemporary education) and Mongolia (mining and political development). A sociologist by training (Princeton MA & PhD), Julian teaches public policy and global affairs at the University of British Columbia's Institute of Asian Research. He is an enthusiastically digital academic, a serial intrapreneur and supports the Vancouver Whitecaps FC.
Embrace The Comparative Impact Advantage Of A Focus On aimintang via Getty Images

Embrace The Comparative Impact Advantage Of A Focus On Mining

In seeking out concentrations of expertise in Canada, it is difficult to ignore the extractive sector. Given the (good and bad) history and size of this sector, and the lack of global rivals in the density of expertise (other than Australia), should international assistance not leverage this expertise to achieve a lasting impact in developing countries?
07/08/2016 04:54 EDT