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Julie Blais Comeau

Chief Etiquette Officer, Author and Speaker | La spécialiste de l'étiquette, auteure et conférencière

Julie Blais Comeau is Canada’s go-to etiquette expert. She is Chief Etiquette Officer at, a professional speaker, and the author of Etiquette: Confidence & Credibility. 

You may have read, seen or heard her on CBC, CTV, TVA, Radio-Canada, HuffPost (since 2011), Reader’s Digest, Canadian Living, Women’s Health, and many others.

A certified business etiquette, international protocol, cultural intelligence and client services consultant, she teaches the competitive edge of the digital era; the interpersonal skills that are necessary for success.

Fluently bilingual, Julie is the perfect choice for your next conference, workshop, as your private coach or your training and development consultant,.

With Julie’s help, all can go from oops… to ahh! “Farewell faux-pas. Hello confidence & credibility!” 

Meet Julie in this video. Visit, follow her on TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn.

You have a sticky situation? Write to Julie and she will reply promptly.

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