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Julie Blais Comeau

Chief Etiquette Officer, Author and Speaker | La spécialiste de l'étiquette, auteure et conférencière

Julie Blais Comeau is one of Canada’s most quoted etiquette expert, a professional speaker, an educator and the author of Etiquette: Confidence & Credibility.

You may have read, seen or heard her on CBC, CTV, TVA, Rogers, Radio-Canada, HuffPost Live, Reader’s Digest, Canadian Living, Women’s Health, and many others.

A certified business etiquette and international protocol consultant, with a solid experience in management, human resources and training, she is the Huffington Post’s Sticky Situation blogger.

Fluently bilingual, having presented more than 500 educational activities to over 50 clients and 5000 participants, Julie is an ideal resource person as a training and development consultant, speaker or workshop facilitator.

With Julie’s help, all can go from oops… to ahh! Farewell faux-pas. Hello confidence & credibility!

Julie est diplômée de la prestigieuse Protocol School of Washington, l'auteure de Quoi dire, comment faire et quand? ainsi que de Projetez confiance et crédibilité et la bloggeuse du Situation délicate du Huffington Post.

Une collaboratrice média en demande, vous l'avez peut-être vu, lu ou entendu à Entertainment Tonight Canada, CTV Morning Live, CBC, Radio-Canada, TVA, Cogeco ou dans The Globe and Mail, Reader’s Digest et the Ottawa Citizen.

Whether you are a graduate, organizing a conference or wanting to polish your image on your way to the 'C' suites, Julie is at your service. With her help, gone will be embarrassment and faux-pas!

Au plaisir de vous aider à rayonner positivement mais surtout à éviter l'embarras.

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Sticky Situation: What Should You Call Caitlyn

Sticky Situation: What Should You Call Caitlyn Jenner?

Since her transition, it seems that everyone has an opinion on it. Although you may have an opinion on it, you do not get to share your thoughts or vote, unless she invites you to. What people can call you is your choice. And what you should call people is their choice.
06/05/2015 05:11 EDT
Sticky Situation: Cocktail Networking Tips and

Sticky Situation: Cocktail Networking Tips and Tricks

You open your computer and ding! -- another invitation for a networking cocktail enters your inbox. This is the season for professional reunions and get togethers. Like any successful event, a fruitful business networking event also needs preparation. Keep reading for my Happy Hour tips and tricks.
05/29/2015 01:44 EDT
Sticky Situation: Avoid a Shawn Simoes Dismissal With This

Sticky Situation: Avoid a Shawn Simoes Dismissal With This Test

When you are having a "good time," do you ever ask yourself if what you say or do, could get you fired? If you answered "yes," even with a shy slightly embarrassed smile, I suggest that you filter your words and actions with the Two Fridge Test.
05/15/2015 05:40 EDT
Sticky Situation: How to Dress for the Office in Warmer

Sticky Situation: How to Dress for the Office in Warmer Weather

Finally! The good weather is here. The sun is shining. Whether you work in a hip ad agency or in a classic firm of professionals, one thing is for sure, you dress for...? Your client. Whether it is +35 or -35 degrees Celsius, what you wear greatly influences the perception of competence, your customers and even your colleagues have of you.
05/06/2015 05:17 EDT
Sticky Situation: Five Apple Watch Etiquette

Sticky Situation: Five Apple Watch Etiquette Guidelines

One thing is for sure, the proud Apple Watch owners will be the first to energetically turn their wrists to answer the boring "What time is it?" question. If you are one of the fortunate Apple Watch wearers, show Agent 99 "Smart thinking," by using these five B.A.W. (Before Apple Watch) techno etiquette guidelines of dos and don'ts.
04/24/2015 05:08 EDT
Sticky Situation: Asking Wedding Guests To Pay Is

Sticky Situation: Asking Wedding Guests To Pay Is Rude

From the readers' emails that I receive, these new trends of requesting meal payment from guests, making expensive demands on wedding party members and extending the celebration beyond the wedding day, is making wedding dreams come true for the couple but putting a serious strain on many friendships.
04/09/2015 09:06 EDT
Sticky Situation: Easter Hosting

Sticky Situation: Easter Hosting Infographic

To help you set the table and maneuver Sticky Hosting Situations during a brunch get-together, a potluck buffet or a formal dinner, I have put together a colourful infographic with the help of my precious visual collaborator, Sam Clusiau-Lawlor.
04/01/2015 05:47 EDT
Sticky Situation: If You Want to Film, Please Ask

Sticky Situation: If You Want to Film, Please Ask First

I recently facilitated a children's workshop. Without warning, a colleague filmed the entire session, including my interactions with boys and girls. I was surprised, uneasy, but did not say or do anything. What words should I use so as not to damage my relationship with this new colleague? So far, we are getting along great.
03/25/2015 01:23 EDT
Sticky Situation: Who Pays for a Modern

Sticky Situation: Who Pays for a Modern Wedding?

Dear Julie, My niece is getting married in a civil ceremony, in May. Since this Valentine's Day announcement, the family climate is extremely explosive with regards to the payment of her wedding. According to wedding etiquette guidelines, do her parents have to pay? Please enlighten us
02/25/2015 09:13 EST
Sticky Stuation: Valentine D.A.T.I.N.G.

Sticky Stuation: Valentine D.A.T.I.N.G. Manners

Every February the 14, throughout the globe, couples profess their love to each other. In the era of technology, where texts and videos are replacing handwritten cards and when equality of the sexes should be the norm, this is the one day of the year where men are expected to polish their swords and wear their capes to seduce their lady.
02/12/2015 09:14 EST
Sticky Situation: Paying for a Gadget My Kid

Sticky Situation: Paying for a Gadget My Kid Borrowed

My child borrowed an iPod from a friend in school and did not let me know. I confiscated it and threw it away without realizing it belonged to someone else. The other child's parent called me and told me to replace it. I don't understand how that parent could have made such a request.
02/04/2015 05:54 EST
Sticky Situation: Super Bowl Sunday

Sticky Situation: Super Bowl Sunday Manners

The countdown to Super Bowl XLIX has begun. The Seattle Seahawks are about to defend their title against the New England Patriots. This fanatical day is all about football but also about family, friends and foods. Don't get flagged for foul play, follow these 10 party manners and get re-invited for next year's Super Bowl L.
02/01/2015 10:39 EST
Sticky Situation: New Year's Toast Origins, Dos and

Sticky Situation: New Year's Toast Origins, Dos and Don'ts

Although the sound of fine crystal glasses clinking may be lovely and could dissipate evil spirits, it is bad news for glassware and your host. It could be unsafe and expensive when the two "toasters" knock too hard; glasses could crack or break.
12/31/2014 09:05 EST
Sticky situation: A Family Survival Guide for the

Sticky situation: A Family Survival Guide for the Holidays

Probably like most of us, your family is not close to perfect like George Bailey's. It probably is closer to one of the three <em>Modern Family</em> families or the Griswolds. To avoid getting wrapped up in garlands, here's your family survival guide for the holidays.
12/16/2014 01:36 EST
Sticky Situation: Holiday Tipping

Sticky Situation: Holiday Tipping Guide

The holiday season is a fine opportunity to thank the professionals who serve us daily. Rather than offering gifts, we decided that it makes more sense and it will probably be more appreciated and certainly more useful, to offer them a sum of money instead of token gifts. What amount would you suggest?
12/04/2014 02:33 EST