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Julie Devaney

Author, healthcare activist

Julie Devaney is a health, patient and disability rights activist based in Toronto. She is the author and performer of the critically acclaimed show, educational workshop series, and book, My Leaky Body, and co-editor of MESS: The Hospital Anthology (Feb, 2014).

Julie has an undergraduate degree in Political Science and a Master's Degree Critical Disability Studies from York University.


Twitter: @juliedevaney

Rob Ford Should Leave His Wife Out of the Discussion

Leveraging women's bodies became a political sport in Toronto this week. It began with the blurted out defence Rob Ford offered to reports that he sexually harassed a former employee, and sadly continued with Rosie DiManno's Toronto Star article about domestic violence. It's a mistake to focus on these issues.
11/16/2013 02:55 EST

Rob Ford and Kevin O'Leary: Selfish Redemption

Maybe Rob Ford becoming more athletic will have no bearing on good and fair city policy that maintains strong public services and good jobs. And maybe the provinces shouldn't be pushed into privatizing healthcare by a government who is bent on destroying the principles of the Canada Health Act.
01/23/2012 05:33 EST

Kevin O'Leary: Everything That's Wrong With the One Per Cent

In Kevin O'Leary's new show, "Redemption Inc.," he promotes himself as a hero to the poor, criminalized, disenfranchised. He unquestioningly relies on market-driven clichés -- as he tells the woman who he sends home in the first episode: "You have to ask yourself, 'What can I do to make myself better and help the people I work for?'"
01/11/2012 10:13 EST