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Julie Dossett

Communications lead for LinkedIn Canada

Julie is the Communications Lead for LinkedIn in Canada, the world’s largest online professional networking site. In this role, Julie manages LinkedIn’s public relations programs in Canada and represents the company as an official spokesperson. Julie also runs a successful communications consulting practice, providing counsel to a range of dynamic clients which include EY, Ryerson University, the Government of Alberta and The Next36, among others. Previously, Julie spent nearly 10 years with CBC managing communications and off-broadcast initiatives for some of Canada’s best-known and best-loved programmes. With more than 20 years of experience in corporate, public sector and non-for-profit environments, Julie spends her days – and perhaps a few too many nights – working hand in hand with companies seeking to build their brands and drive their business growth through pragmatic, thoughtful communications strategies. Learn more about Julie’s career at
How To Make Your #FirstSevenJobs

How To Make Your #FirstSevenJobs Count

I love the conversations it has sparked about how people got started in their careers, and it seems entirely apropos as we barrel into "back to school" season next month. What perfect timing to think about how you can set yourself up for success, even before you graduate.
08/25/2016 12:00 EDT
Only Using LinkedIn For Job Hunting? You May Be Missing

Only Using LinkedIn For Job Hunting? You May Be Missing Out

More than half of all Canadians use LinkedIn for job search and a whopping 97 per cent of recruiters are active on the site. But if that's all you're using it for, you may be holding yourself back. You don't need to be on the hunt for a new job to gain value from LinkedIn -- it can also help you grow within your current role.
06/29/2016 11:58 EDT
Learning To Embrace The Professional

Learning To Embrace The Professional #Humblebrag

In a world of selfies and sharing photos of what we're eating for breakfast, it's strange that we still hold back from promoting ourselves: 53 per cent of Canadian professionals admitted that talking about their achievements feels like they're bragging, while 55 per cent said they'd rather talk about their colleagues' achievements than their own.
05/26/2016 03:41 EDT
5 Ways Students Can Score A Summer Job By Graduation

5 Ways Students Can Score A Summer Job By Graduation Day

In Canada, there are more Google searches for summer jobs in April than any other time of year, and globally, LinkedIn sees more students active on the platform than any other time of the year. For those of you that haven't yet found a role, there's no need to panic.
04/25/2016 03:44 EDT