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Julie Greenbaum

Co-Founder / CRO of Fuck Cancer

Julie Greenbaum is the 25 year old Co Founder/CRO of Fuck Cancer.

Fuck Cancers a movement dedicated to the prevention, early detection and communication of cancer. Julie launched F*ck Cancer in 2009 to honor her mother’s legacy who lost her battle with Ovarian Cancer. Julie’s international efforts began in 2010, throwing events across Canada and The United States uniting the younger generation and providing them with a unique platform to raise money for Cancer research. In 2014, Julie merged with Yael Cohen Braun’s Fuck Cancer, creating one unified non-profit.
F*** Cancer: Life Lessons From My Alamy

F*** Cancer: Life Lessons From My Mother

The memories of my mother are not of a cancer victim, they are not of a shaved head, or intravenous tubes, or a frail body. They are her wonderful spirit, her brave beautiful smile, and a loving acceptance of life that was contagious with everyone she touched. My mother didn't just talk the talk, she walked the walk.
04/09/2013 12:34 EDT
Still Fighting Cancer For Alamy

Still Fighting Cancer For Mom

I will never forget the look of calm determination in my mother's eyes when she and my father sat down with our family to tell us the horrible news. "Mummy had been diagnosed with stage three ovarian cancer." Since she passed away in 2010, our charity F*CK CANCER inwykiwyk, has raised money for research and created community in her honour.
05/29/2012 02:11 EDT