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Julie M Green

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Julie M Green is a Toronto-based writer who regularly contributes to Today's Parent, The Globe and Mail, Parents Canada, The Huffington Post and Yummy Mummy Club.

She has appeared on various media outlets, including BBC Radio, CTV's Canada AM and HuffPost Live.

She shares autism-related posts and resources at Facebook.

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5 Ways To Help Children Manage Dental Anxiety

Does your child fear the dentist? Many kids do—mine included. After a routine visit, my seven-year-old son swore off opening up and saying "ahh." The scrape of enamel. The taste of fluoride. Rep...
11/08/2017 13:51 EST
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Cognitive Behaviour Therapy And Mindfulness Can Help Kids With Autism

The child with ASD must learn to identify a broad range of emotions and corresponding facial and body expressions, then encouraged to tune into their bodies and rate the intensity of their emotion using a "feelings thermometer." We feel what we feel. Although our emotions are always valid, our thoughts about a given situation are often skewed and in need of revision.
11/01/2016 11:11 EDT
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I Just Did What I Swore I'd Never Do With My Child

What kind of mom drugs her kid? The mom who is tired of walking on eggshells, wondering who her child will hurt today. The mom who is tired of watching her baby suffer inside his own skin. The mom who, fighting back tears, dutifully takes the scrap of paper from the doctor with the round glasses.... What mom does that, anyway? The kind who will do whatever it takes to help her child feel better, even if it means doing precisely the thing she vowed never to do.
10/05/2016 06:11 EDT

Is Melatonin Safe For Kids?

Many people have trouble getting a decent's night sleep, myself included. When I first heard about melatonin, it sounded too good to be true. A pill that would help me ease into the land of nod, and keep me there. And it was natural, to boot. What's the catch, I wondered? Well, seemingly none, it turns out.
07/26/2016 12:34 EDT
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Autism Friendly Attractions For Toronto Families

Nowadays, businesses are not only more aware of autism, some are willingly offering special accommodations. They are meeting families where they're at -- so kids like mine can enjoy what's on offer along with everybody else. The following autism friendly attractions is by no means exhaustive, and I would love nothing better than to see this list grow.
06/15/2016 12:53 EDT
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Can Autism Be A Laughing Matter?

If the world of autism is intense and often challenging, then it's also punctuated by moments of hilarity. Michael McCreary's comedy shines a light on those moments, giving audiences permission to laugh out loud. For families affected by autism, it's a much-needed chance to let their hair down and see the funny side of their reality. For the uninitiated, humour provides the perfect segue into a conversation about Autism Spectrum Disorder.
05/04/2016 12:51 EDT
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Experts Say You Shouldn't Praise Children (But I Think The Experts Are Wrong)

Experts say you shouldn't praise children. I'm no psychologist, but I think they're wrong. Kids absolutely need to be praised. They deserve to be celebrated -- for the right reasons. I don't beat on to my son about how smart or handsome he is (though of course I'm biased on both counts). But when I know he has done something especially challenging, I don't skimp on the praise.
02/02/2016 01:16 EST
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This Wartime Postcard Took 64 Years To Deliver

Somewhere in England, November 4th 1943... Thus began a postcard that took 64 years to deliver. Though the ink is still legible, the paper has yellowed. On the front is a picture of the Old Curiosity shop that Charles Dickens used to visit in London. It was a simple detail that Loyes Denny wanted to share with his baby sister, Mary.
11/10/2015 03:33 EST
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How To Stop Being A Worry Wart Parent

Telling a parent not to worry is a lot like telling somebody not to hold his breath underwater. You could be the most easygoing person in the world up until the precise moment you become a parent. Suddenly a giant sinkhole of awful possibilities appears out of nowhere.
11/03/2015 04:21 EST
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How to Advocate for Your Child Without Being a Jerk

I generally regard myself as a Nice Person, until my son's needs are compromised. Until your kid is wronged or overlooked in some way, you have no idea how fiercely your mama bear will react. Whether it's a major incident or some minor trifle, your child does need to you to "fight" on their behalf until they are mature enough to do so of their own accord.
10/09/2015 08:07 EDT
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5 Ways to Ease Your Anxious Kid Back to School

Back to school. Three words that evoke dread in most kids and many more parents. While there were some definite ups, my son's introduction to school life a couple years ago was a fairly rocky one. So in an attempt to make this year's transition smoother, I'm determined to get a head start.
08/10/2015 04:57 EDT