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Julie Redmond

fashion stylist

Julie is a Calgary-based fashion stylist with a background in event management and administration. She is a sparkle-loving, gold enthusiast who had a vision of styling more than just herself.

It may be her impeccable style that catches your eye, but it’s Julie’s warmth that draws you in. Realizing a passion for fashion at a very young age, Julie has grown into a fashion maven. While working for a leading boutique public relations agency in Calgary, she was recognized by top-tier clients to assist with their styling needs.

It was this natural evolution into styling that makes Julie so special. Drawing from her natural talent, she loves to witness the transformative power of fashion.

Balancing current trends with classic pieces, Julie will ensure your wardrobe is a genuine reflection of your unique personality while helping you radiate an inner self confidence. Regardless of age or body type, Julie will help you feel your absolute best through a relaxed and comfortable process.
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