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Julie Temple Newhook

Instructor, Gender Studies; Professional Associate, Faculty of Medicine, Memorial University; Contributor,

Dr. Julie Temple Newhook is an Instructor of Gender Studies and Professional Associate with the Faculty of Medicine at Memorial University. In 2014, she founded the national and local peer support groups, Canadian Parents of Trans & Gender Diverse Kids/Parents canadiens d'enfants trans and Parents of Trans & Gender Diverse Kids - Newfoundland & Labrador. She is a Contributor to
Adam Korzekwa

Bill C-16 Sends A Clear Message: Trans Rights Are Women's Rights

Indeed, Bill C-16 helps to redress incomplete protections for some of the most vulnerable women in Canadian society today: transgender women. For over a decade now, however, legislation aiming to protect transgender rights has stalled. Numerous lives have continued to be tragically impacted by discrimination, harassment and violence in the meantime.
06/14/2017 11:34 EDT