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Justin 'Drex' Wilcomes

Radio DJ

Drex is an Australian living and working in Canada for the last three years. He's been in radio for 18 years. He's currently the overnights & weekend DJ at 99.3 The Fox in Vancouver.

Follow him on Twitter @drex.

Paramount Strip Club Campaign By Students Needs More Research

Since when did adults take their morality cues from teenagers still in high school? Students from a B.C. high school want to shut down a strip club because they say it objectifies women. But therein lies the problem, they clearly forgot to ask the women that work there if they feel they're been objectified.
01/22/2013 01:27 EST

Christy Clark MILF Question Crossed Someone's Version Of 'The Line'

Never in my 18 years in radio did I ever think that I'd become the story, especially about something that I thought was a cheeky, throwaway question to B.C. Premier Christy Clark: "What's it like being a MILF?" The question was laughed at, then answered, and that was that. There's a fine line in radio, and if you cross it all hell can break loose, I crossed that line — well, that station's version of the line anyway.
01/18/2013 01:12 EST