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Justin Kong

Precarious worker, Sociology student

Justin Kong studies sociology and is involved with community and labour organizing in Toronto.
A $15 Minimum Wage Is a Step Towards a More Fair Getty

A $15 Minimum Wage Is a Step Towards a More Fair Canada

With parties vying for our attention and vote in the last remaining month leading up this year's federal election, this is an important moment for us as voters to make central these developments which highlight the rising economic injustice and growing income inequality in Canada. To address this growing inequality, people across Canada have begun to push for a $15 federal minimum wage. A federal $15 minimum wage is vital not only because it would impact those who work under federally regulated industries but more importantly because it would restore the leadership role of the federal government in setting a fair minimum wage.
09/21/2015 12:37 EDT
Why I Am Fighting for $15/Hour and 15 fairness

Why I Am Fighting for $15/Hour and Fairness

As the Fight for $15 and Fairness continues this month in cities across Ontario and throughout Canada, I want to share why I am fighting for a $15 minimum wage for all workers in Ontario. In May of last year I found myself in a situation like too many other young people in Canada: recently graduated from university, $30,000 in debt and unable to find employment. After applying for countless jobs I did what many others in a similar situation do: I took any job I could get. At the suggestion of a friend I signed up with a temporary agency and soon I started working at a warehouse in Scarborough.
05/29/2015 01:10 EDT