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Justin Reeves

Director of Partnerships, Girl Rising

Justin Reeves joined the Documentary Group after six years working with grassroots NGOs in Latin America. He has worked both as a journalist and in communications for NGOs throughout Ecuador, Argentina and Chile. While pursuing his Master’s degree in Chile, he focused his humanitarian work on women and children living with HIV/AIDS and his documentary production work on women marginalized by mental illness. Now as the Director of Partnerships for Girl Rising, he can be found speaking out for girls all around the globe at Girl Rising screenings.
Girl Rising: Education Is an Ally to Girls Around the Justin Reeves

Girl Rising: Education Is an Ally to Girls Around the World

Girl Rising tells of girls facing arranged marriages, child slavery, and other injustices we only read about here in Canada. But the girls in the film all have a common ally: education. By getting an education, they're all able to change the course of their lives, breaking barriers and creating change.
09/11/2013 01:56 EDT