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Justin Vanderleest

Physiotherapist, FCAMPT

Vanderleest completed his Master’s degree in 2012 and is a fellow of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physical Therapists (FCAMPT). With over 10 years experience, Vanderleest believes in using manual therapy to correct biomechanical faults, facilitating healing by correcting the underlying cause of the problem. Analysis of precipitating factors, and patient-specific corrective exercise are hallmarks of his approach, using stretching, strengthening, and neurological retraining to rehabilitate injuries long-term and prevent re-injury.
Why You Could Benefit From Boston Globe via Getty Images

Why You Could Benefit From 'Prehabilitation'

Routine check-ups might serve you well, depending on the results of the prehabilitation screen. And, if you intend to undertake a new athletic or physical work endeavour, a prehabilitation screen could work in your favour to prevent an unforeseen injury. Pre-employment screening is becoming more common with large employers who worry about workers' compensation losses.
01/23/2014 08:26 EST