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Kai Nagata

Kai Nagata is based in British Columbia.

He is currently the writer-in-residence at The Tyee, an independent daily online magazine.

He is also developing two documentaries for free online distribution.

Until July 2011, Kai was CTV's Quebec City Bureau Chief, reporting mostly on politics. He detailed his reasons for resigning in an open letter titled "Why I Quit My Job". The blog post went viral and sparked a wide variety of reaction and discussion in Canada and beyond.

Prior to CTV, Kai was CBC's videojournalist in Montreal, where he also worked as a radio reporter.

He posts updates to his projects at and on Twitter, as @kainagata
TV News Reaches Tipping Point: Mortally Ill or Worth Flickr: apdk

TV News Reaches Tipping Point: Mortally Ill or Worth Saving?

Kai Nagata: Journalists are people you trust to experience something you don't have time to check out yourself. They are also fallible human beings, with their own assumptions. This is only a problem if they're not fair, or accurate. TV news is already a "fantasy world." It absolutely works to confirm "existing biases."
09/15/2011 03:23 EDT