Kai Nagata


Kai Nagata is based in British Columbia. <br> <br> He is currently the writer-in-residence at The Tyee, an independent daily online magazine. <br> <br> He is also developing two documentaries for free online distribution. <br> <br> Until July 2011, Kai was CTV's Quebec City Bureau Chief, reporting mostly on politics. He detailed his reasons for resigning in an open letter titled "Why I Quit My Job". The blog post went viral and sparked a wide variety of reaction and discussion in Canada and beyond. <br> <br> Prior to CTV, Kai was CBC's videojournalist in Montreal, where he also worked as a radio reporter. <br> <br> He posts updates to his projects at <a href="http://www.kainagata.com" rel="nofollow">www.kainagata.com</a> and on Twitter, as @kainagata
TV News Reaches Tipping Point: Mortally Ill or Worth

TV News Reaches Tipping Point: Mortally Ill or Worth Saving?

Kai Nagata: Journalists are people you trust to experience something you don't have time to check out yourself. They are also fallible human beings, with their own assumptions. This is only a problem if they're not fair, or accurate. TV news is already a "fantasy world." It absolutely works to confirm "existing biases."
09/15/2011 03:23 EDT