Kamal Al-Solaylee


Kamal Al-Solaylee is an associate professor and undergraduate program director at the School of Journalism, Ryerson University. He is a former theatre critic at the <em>Globe and Mail</em> and has written for the <em>Toronto Star</em>, the <em>Walrus</em>, <em>Elle Canada</em> and <em>Toronto Life</em>, among others.
The Memoirist's

The Memoirist's Guilt

Penning a family memoir has unleashed emotions and memories that I've deliberately suppressed for decades. Writing caused as much distress and confusion as it provided comfort. At the end of it all, there was no clarity or better understanding of my relationship to my family or the Arab-Muslim culture from which I've been estranged for more than two decades.
09/20/2013 02:54 EDT