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Kapil Khatter

Family Physician, University of Ottawa

Writing at, Kapil Khatter is a practicing family doctor in Ottawa, Canada with more than a passing interest in health policy. <br> <br> As executive director, Dr. Khatter transformed the volunteer Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment into a professional non-profit with paid staff. He co-founded the Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care and was an original board member of US-based Health Care Without Harm. <br> <br> Dr. Khatter moonlighted as a policy director for environmental organizations and as senior technical expert on the Government of Canada's Chemicals Management Plan capacity building project. He has served as a Canadian delegate in international environmental negotiations and on many thrilling government committees looking at health, health care and the environment. <br> <br> Winner of the College of Family Physicians of Canada Environmental Health Award and the Nicole Bruinsma Memorial Award for Environmental Leadership, Dr. Khatter is currently an associate editor at Open Medicine and Past President of the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment. <br> <br> Dr. Khatter is married with children and slowly starting to like living in Ottawa.
Obesity Is Not the New

Obesity Is Not the New Tobacco

Those approaches, for unhealthy eating in particular, can be a real challenge, because they bang hard against the reactor core of our economic system -- consumption. Consumption and lots of it. Like tobacco, the fight for healthy eating will challenge the heart of what companies do: sell as much as they can.
07/08/2014 06:01 EDT
Canada Should Put Restrictions on

Canada Should Put Restrictions on Acetaminophen

Acetaminophen (Tylenol, Tempra, Anacin) is the top-selling over-the-counter painkiller, available without prescription since the 1950s, yet there have long been serious questions about its safety. Canada and the United States do have warning labels saying the stuff is hard on your liver, but the Canadian ones don't exactly jump out at you, often buried deep in the fine print. Meanwhile, sountries like France and Germany, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, have even begun restricting where you can buy acetaminophen.
03/10/2014 05:39 EDT
How The Trans-Pacific Partnership Will Literally Kill

How The Trans-Pacific Partnership Will Literally Kill Us

And as nations are just starting to get their heads around how to solve the obesity crisis, surely we shouldn't dump everything out of our toolbox before the real work has even started. We need to keep our public policy options open, to make room for initiatives to clean up a food environment that is literally killing us.
01/24/2014 08:01 EST
Who Paid for Your Doctor's

Who Paid for Your Doctor's Opinion?

There are academic pharmaceutical researchers still publishing independent, peer-reviewed articles, just as there are still farmers who have small farms with the kinds of smiling animals one sees in children's books. But more and more pharmaceutical research is done factory farm-style, with organized precision and efficiency, all paid for by drug companies. Welcome to new science.
09/30/2013 12:57 EDT
The Chemicals Obstetricians Are Speaking Out

The Chemicals Obstetricians Are Speaking Out Against

The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of the United Kingdom says pregnant women should make an effort to avoid exposures to chemicals in consumer products. The dogs have started barking right away, with critics immediately slamming the obstetricians for scaremongering.
06/21/2013 05:39 EDT
What Do We Do When the Antibiotics Stop

What Do We Do When the Antibiotics Stop Working?

Gonorrhea, tuberculosis, staphylococcus -- you didn't want to get them before, and you definitely don't want them now. These are some of the not so pretty faces of today's antibiotic resistance, of today's untreatable diseases. And the worst is yet to come.
05/23/2013 12:17 EDT
Baby Formula Ads Disguised as Education Can Be

Baby Formula Ads Disguised as Education Can Be Deadly

Baby formula is a big killer in less developed countries, but even where access to health care is good, not breastfeeding increases illness. Yet companies are still allowed to use advertising to convince parents to use their products. Those looking to make a buck from the product have no business "educating" about it.
01/21/2013 05:36 EST
The NRA Stands Behind Guns, Not Gun

The NRA Stands Behind Guns, Not Gun Owners

The National Rifle Association (NRA) doesn't speak for gun owners, not even for its members. The NRA speaks for gun makers and gun sellers. And the message is simple: buy more guns. Not wanting to see the door cracked open even an inch, the NRA fights any and all restrictions on guns and actively works to loosen those that exist. A good starting position. Even if the NRA loses a skirmish here or there, the Guns "R" Us nation they've helped create is protected.
12/28/2012 12:06 EST
Can You Trust the Health Check Logo on Your

Can You Trust the Health Check Logo on Your Food?

The Health Check program is meant to help those going to restaurants and fast food restaurants to make better menu choices. But when you search their product list for Health Check'd vegetables there are zero. Health Check is in need of a makeover. The program needs to promote fresh fruit not fruit juice; it needs to encourage eating at home not at restaurants. Or it needs to cease and desist.
12/12/2012 05:17 EST
The Myth About Brand Name

The Myth About Brand Name Drugs

There is an ongoing campaign to convince health care providers, decision-makers and the public that generic medications cannot be trusted and that if you want the real goods you need to pay the brand name price. The line is actually a twist, a re-packaging of some complicated statistics into an easy-to-understand sound bite, but one with the unfortunate weakness of not being true.
10/29/2012 12:18 EDT