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Karen Geier


Karen Geier is the Co-Founder of Previously she was a digital marketing executive, most recently with Ogilvy. Karen previously headed up Social Media strategy for Canadian start up Kobo, and has consulted for start ups, and fortune 500 companies.

Encouraging an Entrepreneur-Based Economy With Paul Woolford

Becoming an entrepreneur used to be a "they" thing: other people did it, but unless you had one in the family, it was a career shrouded in mystery. How do you get started? Do you have to be an inventor? What does it actually take to work for yourself?
12/11/2013 05:35 EST

Listening to Potential Customers With Shifthub's Jeremy Potvin

In an early stage of his company, Shifthub, Jeremy Potvin found himself in this situation, and he managed to make swift changes due to customer (and potential customer) feedback. I recently spoke with Jeremy about the changes Shifthub has experienced.
09/30/2013 05:11 EDT

SXSW V2V: In Las Vegas and All About Start-Ups

Every spring, Austin, Texas busts at the seams with an influx of the weird and wonderful, congregating to learn more about film interactive, music, and comedy. Demand for conference content specifically with regards to start-ups began to outstrip the supply. Enter South by Southwest V2V. A conference outside of Austin (in Las Vegas) specifically for the start-up community.
09/10/2013 12:06 EDT

The Man Making Online Discussion Boards Cool Again

In our social media-enabled, always-on world, we think we can solve most problems with our networks, but there are still millions of users across the globe actively using one of the oldest forms of online conversation: Message Boards. Andrew Sider, founder of Bunch recently chatted with me why he (and several investors) think that cutting edge message boards are a hot new opportunity for online communities.
07/09/2013 12:21 EDT

Don't be Afraid to Release: An Interview With the PicsArt Team

Mobile phone penetration has changed our world forever, and that's due to the staggering versatility and real computing power of the medium. Enter PicsArt. A two-year-old company who quickly topped the Google Play chart for image editing apps. I spoke to their team recently about how they did it.
06/20/2013 12:06 EDT

Starting Up Again: Chatting with Figure 1 Co-Founder Richard Penner

Richard found himself in a situation where he wanted to get his hands dirty by starting again from the ground up. He and his two co-founders then created Figure 1, a medical application for smartphones which allows doctors to share photos. I spoke to Richard about his journey from salary man to start up co-founder.
06/03/2013 05:13 EDT

How to Secure Follow-on Funding for Your Start-Up Business

There is a very real issue facing funded companies getting to the next level in their growth. Sometimes, companies who are reaching a successful peak do so just as they are in need of another round of funding. Where do you go? I spoke to President of the Network of Angel Organizations Jeffrey Steiner for advice.
05/28/2013 07:58 EDT

The Most Important Concept for Entrepreneurs

During the course of this series, there have been many buzzwords coined and repeated. These all have a time and a place, and can be useful to help you figure out key concepts of entrepreneurship, but there is one thing which stands above all of these on the scale of importance: FOLLOW THROUGH.
05/16/2013 12:04 EDT

All you need to know to about Pitching in Show Business

I was in line at another event, waiting to sign up for pitches. It was at some point during the many hours I was waiting in that line that I thought, "someone should do this... better." The Great American PitchFest is celebrating ten years of helping to connect writers and executives. We feel we make a difference.
04/23/2013 08:05 EDT

Your Start-Up Business: Behind the Scenes of Dragon's Den

This week, I spoke with an entrepreneur who has achieved the Canadian Dream. In 2010, Barb Stegemann walked onto a soundstage on the 10th floor of the CBC building in Toronto to pitch her business: a perfume company which sourced its ingredients from Afghanistan.
04/02/2013 04:55 EDT

You Can Bootstrap Your Start-Up: Tips from EventMobi

My company, Shyndyg, is a bootstrapped start-up, and we've always noticed when we tell people we're bootstrapped, the reaction is almost one of pity. It's not always an option for every company, but t...
03/26/2013 03:14 EDT

Your Start-Up Business: Mixing Up the Business Model

I first saw Robbie Whiting in 2012 at South by Southwest, where he gave a daring presentation on the death of the advertising agency model. At the time, he was Director of Creative Technology at Duncan/Channon, an agency which has applied a unique approach to attracting new business: Making things. He's since launched his own agency: Argonaut.
03/13/2013 08:12 EDT

Gary Vaynerchuk on What Investors Get Wrong

For those who are interested in Angel investment or a VC round, there is a lot of contradictory information. Recently, I talked with Gary Vaynerchuk of WineLibrary and Vaynermedia about his experiences building his businesses, and also investing in some of the best known tech companies.
03/05/2013 05:27 EST

Your Start-Up Business: Life After the Onion

This week, I spoke to Baratunde Thurston, who many know from his role as Director of Digital for The Onion, where he once made a cameo in a piece about Barack Obama's Billy Carteresque half-brother. Since then, he recently departed the satirical newspaper the Onion to start, with two Co-Founders, Cultivated Wit.
02/13/2013 08:19 EST

Your Start-Up Business: Accelerating Your Success

Accelerators are like a "Boot Camp" for Start-Ups. You must apply to an accelerator, and you must meet certain requirements to be considered. Once chosen, you are given resources and guidance to get your company to the next level. Recently, I spoke with Roger Chabra of RHO Ventures about his perspective on the state of funding, accelerators, and start-ups in Canada.
01/30/2013 05:35 EST